Reading Rockstars!

So my class this year is very cute and very sweet.
But, a group of motivated self-starters they are not.
Still sweet yuck- a- mucks(that's a term my neighbor coined).
In our reading groups I've been able to tell the kids just are not
reading enough at home.
I have a lot of kids still stumbling over little words
that in the past we'd be flying through by this time.
We do Scott Foresman's Reading Street which comes with
2 decodable readers per week for you to read with your students.
These are not New York Times bestsellers by any means,
but they get the job done.
After 7 years of these books this lady is getting a little bored- just saying!
So in order to zazz this process up a bit we are
going to become "Reading Rockstars" in my room!
In addition to our weekly homework packets the students
are now expected to read their decodable readers 3 time through.
Although these books are the most exciting I am a firm believer
that these repeated reading are a huge factor in fluency and accuracy.
We've entered that point in the year where the kiddos have gained
quite a few strong reading skills.
Therefore, a lot of them think they can just read the first 3 or 4 letters 
and then just guess the rest of the word.
Does this happen with your class?
Drives me bananas!
So I'm hoping this freebie will bring my students some
accountability, accuracy and fluency.
Fingers crossed!
I've included a log for reading 1, 2, 3 or 4 books.

I send mine home in these snazzy folders I got for 50 cents
before school started! 
Students get their folder on Monday and return on Friday.
They get to keep their paper readers 
and just bring back the folder and log on Friday.
So far it is all working swimmingly!
 Click here to grab this freebie to use in your class!

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