I'm a Poet, Don't You Know It? Freebie Style!

It's Friday! Yahoo!
Do you think there are any teachers who don't like Fridays?
If so they are cray. 
Going to go a bit off topic here...
We were playing an -ay rhyming game today and 
one of my kiddos wrote "cray"!
And I'm back on topic!
And away we go with Five for Friday!
We have a poetry open house in about a week
so we have been head first into poetry this week.
Plus we had a snow day in the mix so we are behind a day- Eeek!
Oh yes, you heard that right- a snow day in late March!
Mother Nature is mad at us!

I have a love/hate relationship with poetry.
I love to read it and I think there are a trillion
awesome poems out there.
But getting first graders to write poetry puts my 
stomach in knots.
Here are a few activities we did this week
that kept my blood pressure in control.
We made these delightful Sun Poems.
To make this poem we brainstormed 
a list of sun words.
Then we used those words to create our poems in a 
1 word / 2 words / 3 words / 2 words / 1 word pattern. 
You can grab the freebie template for this poem here!

We also made some beautiful color poems.
Rainbows make everything just so, right?
We did some more big time
 brainstorming of color words.
The class then filled these in to their rainbow template.
We then did some rainbow water coloring circa 1985 
to made a beautiful background!
Did anyone else color endless rainbow
designs like this way back in the day?
If you like the color poem template you
can grab it here.
We will continue to forge ahead with more poetry next
week so be sure to return for part deux!
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Thanks so much for stopping in!
Be sure to return on Sunday Funday.
Prep those posts friends and link up with all things 


  1. Poetry isn't my favorite either. We are doing shape poems next week. There is a book called Doodle Dandies: Poems that take shape that has a plenty of examples. Maybe that book could help you keep your blood pressure in check and inspire your firsties ;-)

  2. These are great activities for poetry writing in first grade. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I love those poem ideas! I super love the background on the color poem. Thanks so much for sharing!
    :) Shelley
    The Write Stuff Teaching

  4. I'd love to use your color poem template, but it isn't available to download any more. Any chance you could make it available again? Thanks! Laura :)


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