Done and done

I am sure happy this week is done!
It's pretty amazing I made it back to this blog again folks. I procrastinated my report cards a ridiculous amount this week! I'm so glad I took that minor in procrastination in college because I really put it to good use this week. Funny, but true. But, by some grace of God they are stuffed and mailed and sent home. Hooray!
Linking up for a very tardy Five for Friday!

We blasted into Monday full tilt.
First thing we had the nature center visit.
They visit our class about 5 times a year.
We have an awesome science lesson mostly on animals,
and we even get to meat some cuties (and creepies!).
Meet Erica and Mr. Toad!

Then right after the nature center we
made leprechaun traps.
I figure I had already lost them so we might as
well just go for the it!

This one was my favorite!
It has a bed with a little bear manipulative!
And the t.v. has a shamrock show on!

I love this whole process because it's 
one of few (if any) times during the year that 
the kids have no structure, rules or guidelines.
I just let them build, and each year they are so focused.
They could do it all day if I let them. 
Then they returned from recess, lunch and gym to this....
Those sneaky leprechauns!
The kids did such a fantastico job cleaning up that we
enjoyed some Lucky Charms and graphing.
We loved using Molly's "Kiss Me I'm Irish" pack!
It was quite a Monday!
And of course I had to go out and celebrate after school too!

Moving on the a little something I've been meaning to share
with you all for awhile.
In my classroom, like most classrooms, we do journal writing.
To save a little money to put towards other things, I make my own.
We do "Color Journals" to facilitate 
excitement and motivation towards writing.
Everyone starts with a red journal in September.
When they complete their red, they get their orange journal.
Then a yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, white and pink.
I love doing it with the colors because in one quick glance I
can see what color they have made it do. I know if they are at
yellow or green really fast they probably aren't doing their best work.
I also know if they are still on red after a few months of school I
need to help them step on the gas!
I have my students bring their journals to our guided reading
groups each day to share what they have written.
Doing it the small group if significantly more manageable that
in the whole group!

Ps...Did you know that in England kids sing a totally different rainbow?
My sweet Brit assistant let me know their rainbow.
Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue...What?!?!
Funny, crazy, silly and weird!

I hold onto the journals all year once the kids are done.
Then they receive all their writing back at the end of the year.
What a great experience for them to see their growth.
Aren't these so pretty?
Rainbows make me happy.
In this product there are 4 different lined writing templates
for you to use what works for you.
Sometime I mix things up to accommodate the varied levels in my class.
One template even has editing practice.
My class needs loads of help with this!
This picture is awful and sideways!
So sorry.
Click here to check them out!

In some family news my son had his final hockey tournament this weekend. Hallelujah!
It's a big thing here on Cape Cod though. My husband played as a kid and is now in a men's league. It's a bit of hockey town around here these days.
So Tristan's team lost this season.
Then went out in a blaze of glory by sweeping and winning the tournament!
So happy for these boys!
Yes, indeed the trophy is a lobster in a trap.
How adorable is that pig pile? I may have shed a tear.

Time to settle in for the first of endless showings of Frozen!
I (not so) secretly love it as much as the kids!
Did you see this video?
I showed it to my class this week as a little get-throught-the-day incentive. 
Hope you love it!

Here's to a smoother week next week
and spring sprunging!


  1. LOVE that video!! So fun. :)

    We sing the same rainbow here in Australia - red and yellow and pink and green; purple and orange and blue!

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Okay...I am going to try this again.

    I think I need to go look at a rainbow and see who is right! Love rainbows, and have been having some rainbow fun of our own.

    Terri Izatt

  4. Love the rainbow journals. What a great idea! I love Frozen too. We bought it and we have no small


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