Vanishing Vacation

Oh vacation week...
how I love you!
I will be so sad to see you go.
Why do you go by so fast?
It has been very jammie-ful around here.
But I got a bit done too. Yes!
Linking up with Doodle Bugs!

I feel like I finished a full marathon this week!
I mentioned a few weeks back in my Currently post that I
was working on something big. 
This week I can say it is done and done!

Before I share let's have a little quiz.
Do you have report cards right around the corner?
I do!
Do you get that panic of "What did I teach?" "
Do they know everything they should?"
I do!
Do you fear a parent questioning a grade and you don't 
have the actual evidence at your fingertips?
I do!

I've been feeling this way for for awhile now.
I know I needed an assessment system that is
manageable, yet effective.
When I create items for my class I really strive to make things
that have very little prep.
I need to be able to use them quickly and effectively.
With my own 3 children and my 22 school children
I average about negative 3 hours of free time per day.
I don't have a ton of time to do assessments from
a variety of resource.
Then file them.
Then look them over.
I need everything all in one place and
I need it to be strong evidence of their learning.

To help ease my worried mind about whether or not they really know their stuff I created
This product has four mini assessments for each Common Core math standard. 
Here's a little sneak peak!
For every standard you get 4 assessments that go from
"easy" up through "advanced".
Here' s pic to explain a bit more.
I am going to bind my Common Core Quickies into workbooks.
Then at report card time and parent conference time I have the assessments
right at my fingertips to have the proof and evidence of the learning.
I had a fun date night to Staples this vacation with my son to get the 
inaugural Common Core Quickies workbook.

We got him a little journal too =)!

Here's a big old preview for you as well!
Common Core Quickies ELA are coming soon!
So in a random moment over vacation I had a 
lightbulb idea for a linky party called
I told my bbff Molly from Lucky to be in First and
we quickly decided to do it together.
Everything is more fun with a friend, right?
This is a place for you wonderful bloggers
to share anything and everything fun on your blogs.
We have so much work to do as teachers...
We need some extra fun in our lives!
You can link up with me or Molly
You all want in, I know!
Be sure to grab the  Sunday Funday button.
And yes that is us as Melonheadz!!
Thank you Nikki!
Can you tell?
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Thanks for hanging in everyone!


  1. Hi, Deirdre,
    I really enjoyed reading your Five For Friday entry this week. I love your positive posters and plan to head over to your Facebook page to Like it and pick up my freebie posters. I love your creative work!
    Have a great weekend,
    Mrs. Ross's Science Class

  2. I love the idea of an assessment booklet. I will be checking out your assessment pack.

  3. Deirdre,
    Great idea with the assessment booklet! We don't have parent conferences in sixth grade, so I keep tests and other formatives in a file for my students when a parent requests a conference. But I wish I had something that was this quick, precise, easy to use and share. Great idea! You are always so creative!
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. I love your assessment booklet but I want one for K!! Your posters are perfect! Thanks for all the hard work and wonderful ideas!

  5. I love your quick common core math assessments! My first grade team does a longer cumulative "test" before we do report cards, but I'm thinking that we may need to split it up into "little checks." Thanks for that idea!

    I just joined the Five for Friday post this week, which is how I found your blog. I will have to start following you! :)

  6. I absolutely LOVEEE your positive posters . . . would it be appropriate to hang them in the staff lounge?!?! ;) Looking forward to your Sunday Funday linky!

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  7. Holy goodness in this post! Where do I start? Well, with that cute Melon, of course! I am pumped for the linky! Can't wait to get back to school (did I just say that!?!) to make my Quickie Books!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  8. I am lovin' those quick assessments! Great idea! :)

    Happy Teaching,
    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store


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