Happy Olympic season everyone!
I love the Olympics!
It's such an amazing time.
I had a wonderful experience tonight snuggling
on the couch with my almost 6 year old
and talking about the different countries
and commenting on the USA outfits =)
I'm psyched to have good tv to watch for the
next two weeks!

Let's have a little review session
of what's going on in grade one!
My kiddos got some of their testing
scores back. Let's just say things
didn't go as well as I'd like. 
But, what do we teachers do?
We use those scores to drive instruction.
Well I'm going to be driving fluency and accuracy
on a cross country road trip. 
We need loads of practice!
I've reworked groups and replanned some of our routines.
I'm going to add some word game 
practice into our morning time routine.
First up...a little "I Have. Who Has?"
Lucky's a FREEBIE!
I whipped up a nonsense word version and 
a sentence version. Hope you enjoy this freebie!
In my replanning and reworking
I know a lot of my kiddos still need
practice with magic e/silent e...
I like to call it both.
I thankfully finished my 
"Phonics Printables- Silent e" pack
just in time to rock out some 
major intervention in my classroom.
There is A LOT of
 independent practice in here.
That was a main goal in creating this!
I really wanted my students to
do the work in here independently.
I find so often in publishers' workbooks
that the directions or other words on the
page are so hard that the true meaning of 
the practice gets lost.
Does that make sense?
Click on the pic or head here to check it out!
Head over to my fb page for a little giveaway too =)
And while you are there be sure to grab my fan freebie!
It's these fun little posters.
They are great for a classroom, playroom, bedroom...
maybe even your bathroom!
We got a little bit of our love on 
in prep for Valentine's Day next week.
The kids had fun making these sweet owls.
They whip together so quickly!
These are in my 
There's a whole lotta love up in here
with this pack!
We also got started on our 
Love Notes for next week. 
You can read a little more
about this here!

This is a {FREEBIE} in my tpt shop =)
Just cause I love you all so much!
One of the best things that has happened 
to me so far this year are Tania's from
My Second Sense newsletters.
These things rock.
They have forever
changed me into a 
regular newsletter sender!
The template is all there for you ...
you just edit the text as you need.
Click here to check them out!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Go Team USA!


  1. Thank you for the two fluency games. It seems as though we can never practice fluency too much. Maria

  2. Love the fluency games! Thank you! Go USA!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  3. There are SOOO many things I LOVE about your post today! First, I just put your long vowel pack on my wish list and will probably go in the cart VERY SOON (like today) because it looks so good and we need that practice too. I also grabbed your sweet little posters and plan on printing and putting up AT HOME for MY children as well as at school for my firsties. Thanks for those. Thanks for the fluency I Have Who Has game too! Can't wait to use that. We've been working on fluency and this will be perfect, just perfect. So much cuteness I could write a ton more, but for now just know that I really enjoyed your post and the freebies that you gave. Thanks!
    Monahan Monkey Madness

  4. I had to rethink my groups too. Thank you for the fluency cards. Your posters are darling. I'm watching the Olympics as I type. So much fun! Time to get our the world map for the kiddos!

  5. Those newsletter templates look amazing, informative and easy! Thanks for introducing it to me, I'll check them out from Tania now! Looks like you've been busy creating too! Love all your valentine's stuff!

  6. Totally printing out that game - we will be practicing on Monday for sure! The posters are already laminated and hanging in my room! Thanks for sharing!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  7. Thanks for the fluency game!!! Your posters are adorable!! I can't wait to hang them up in my room! :)

    Have a great weekend!!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  8. OMG Girl! Thanks so much for the shout out. I am so happy to hear you like them :)
    I must get those posters-they are adorable!!!!

    My Second Sense


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