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Our lives as teachers are crazy busy.
It's important we squeeze a little fun in there along the way!
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My whole week has been fun because I was on
Lucky lucky ME!
My fun this week was a little unconventional.
I joined a gym!
I have done very little exercise since my oldest was born...
6 years ago!
I've done a lot of lifting children. running around the yard, 
making meals, cleaning, etc. etc. 
But, I have not done any exercise just for me!
So you might be thinking- Really lady, that is so NOT FUN!
But this gym is different and FUN.
It's called Koko Fit and it is so fun.
I think now there are about 130 of these throughout the nation. 
Hopefully more will be coming soon.
What's so great you ask?
This mega machine is the mother ship of your workout.
You really only visit this machine and 
a treadmill or elliptical for a bit of cardio.
I really love it because as a mom/teacher/maid/cook/driver/blogger 
I don't have a ton of free time. 
Koko allows me to get in, get out and get on!
You get a snazzy little flash drive thing that stores all your info and customizes your workout. The when you pop on the machine it guides you through your customized workout. It's like an electronic personal trainer. But there isn't anyone judging you. 
I know real life personal trainers aren't supposed to judge, 
but secretly I think they are judging me. 
You can also pop online and see your growth, get meal plans and track your workouts.
I'm really excited about all of it!
And now that I've told all of you I am bound to doing it!
Check it out here to see if there is one near you!

There was a little more fun this week too.
*I went to IKEA with my best pal and her kids.
Small Land = Best Invention Ever!
*We saw the Frozen Sing-Along movie.
I loved it just as much as they did!
*We went to a fantastic kids concert and dinner by my
super talented friend Mr. Rob. 
Check out his website!
*I started my very first Project Life album with my kids.
More on that in an upcoming fun post!

I am so excited to see the fun you are all having too!
Remember it can be fun anywhere, with anyone, doing anything!

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  1. I so wish I could get into a workout routine. Having a kid after 10 years again and being in your thirties this time sure throws the body in for a loop. It's def. not as easy to lose the weight as it was when I was 20!

  2. I'm impressed. You found time to work out? My workouts are limited to chasing kids. ;) In all seriousness, good for you!

    How was Frozen? My 4 year old has been convinced that all movies are scary, but she sat through Little Mermaid last night and liked it. Anything a silly 4-year-old would find scary?

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  3. Congrats on joining a gym!! I can't wait for our break in 9 more teaching days (not that I am counting!). Thanks for starting such a fun linky!

  4. Outstanding! I have looked a little into KoKo Fit clubs since there is one nearby. I might need to really consider it. Thanks for the first-hand information about it. & thanks for the fun link. I really needed something to let me procrastinate on my lesson plans just a bit longer. Well -- back to work for me. :)

  5. I think this is a great idea and am very happy that I was able to link up today. Sunday and FUN are a much better chance for me to get it one time!!! hahaha Thanks for this opportunity!

    Monahan Monkey Madness

  6. Thanks for a fun linky! Your gym sound so neat!

    My Crazy Life


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