Oh say can you see...
The mounds of snowing pouring out of the sky
in New England tonight?
I feel like I'm in a race against the clock to get
this post up before we lose power.
I for sure hope we don't, but I don't think
the odds are in my favor.
I have everything charging right now
just in case we are without tomorrow.
Luckily we have a very cozy wood stove
that keeps us so toasty and cozy!
I'm happy to be linking up with Doodlebugs & Lucky to be in First!

We had a perfect storm of holidays and events
in first grade this week. For a short month
we really try and pack in A LOT!
We made these adorable 
Abe Lincoln & George Washington
double- sided crafts by Erica.
I think these are the cute cute cutest things 
I have seen in a long time!
My class loved making them.
It was perfect too because we just started learning about money.
This was a great way to help grasp this tricky concept.
It's a little hard to see, but George has quarter buttons
and Abe has a penny band on his hat. 
Speaking of money we've done a lot of 
scooping, sorting and counting this week.
Many of my kids still need a lot of practice.
So practice we will!
For some very simple introduction practice
they folded a paper into fourths and then took
a scoop of pennies and nickels.
Next up they drew their coins and totaled them up.
Such a super simple activity.
I think we will do this a bunch more times 
and continue to add in various coins.
We've had a lot of help from the Math Maniacs!
These are my Math {K}oncept Kids
who assist in introducing math to my class.
They have lots of friends who help 
with addition, subtractions, tallies, place value and more!
Click on the picture to check 'em out!

We also had great Valentines and Hundreds Day celebrations.
We hit the 100th day on Valentine's Day!
What a lucky teacher I am!
Because of this I don't feel like I went all out
on either celebration, 
but did more of a paired down version of both.
For the 100th day I had a parent volunteer an 
amazing snack where they choose 10 of 10 items.
That equals 100 in case you needed a little help!
We also did several activities from my
Happy 100th Day Goodies Galore Pack.
Click pic to head to my shop.
Since our days collided we are going to make our
book of 100 words when we return from break.
I love that activity because they have no idea
that they can write 100 words.
They are so surprised when they accomplish this task!

For our Valentine's Day celebration we graphed conversation hearts.
I made my kids these bookmarks.
Thanks to Sarah at A Sunny Day in First Grade for
this idea which I got around to at 11:30 on the 13th.
We also had a treat! Mmmmm....
I have a super sweet retired teacher helping out in my room.
He and his wife brought these in.
So very sweet!

I am happy to say that I also checked
something off my to do list today!
*Silent Cheer*
I have been meaning to make posters
of the various patriotic songs we sing
for a long long time!
I ramble off the same songs every morning
to our class president.
Now they can just look and pick!
One less thing I have to say during the day.
Click on the pic to get these!
I am thinking of putting mine in 
a little something like this.
They have these on Amazon here.

The lights keep flickering here!
I'm glad I got this done in case 
I am in the dark tomorrow.
It'll be ok because I'll be with these silly willies!
Hopefully they won't look like this.


  1. I really like the 100 rolls of a dice and 100 flips of a coin for 100th Day Party!! Awesome idea.

  2. Great post my friend! Our 100th day and Valentine's Day were the same as well. We don't celebrate the 100th day in Middle School, but I do miss all of the activities. SO MUCH MATH! YAY!!! I hope you have your power back!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  3. I can't even stand how cute your kids are! This post is fully of too much good stuff! Thanks for the freebie posters. Love the holder you're gonna put them in! Your Valentine's Day Goodies Galore saved me this week, my friend! Thank you!!

    Lucky to Be in First

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