love love love

My sweet blog friend Molly
has a "love"ly link going on this week.
It's that time of year to share what we love!

I love this blog, tpt, instagram, fb world that
I am a part of.
I teetered on the"Should I have a blog?" fence for such a long time.
Why did I do that?
I should've jumped on this train ages ago!
It has given my teaching such purpose and focus.
I could do this all day!

I love me some great organization.
I am constantly organizing and reorganizing.
With my class kids and my home kids I
can't necessarily say my house is "neat"
But, I love to find little treasure to help 
control the chaos at home and school.
I found these awesome organizational
treasures for this school year.
The crayon holder is a soap holder.
I picked it up at Christmas Tree Shop.
The storage caddy is from Target recently.
It is simply the best!

I love the beach!
I love about a mile from one of the most
gorgeous beaches in Massachusetts.
I just wish we had about 4 -5 additional
warmer months!

I am so in love with the connections
I have made on the teacherprenaur journey.
I can't wait for Vegas to meet so many
more awesome teacher/blogger. creators!

My family it cute, cuddly and sweet-
husband included!
I love to spend time with them!
Vacation is so close.
Looking forward to a week at home
with these crazy cats.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


  1. I puffy heart everything about you! Thank you for sharing all that you love - I love that I'm on the list, too!

    Lucky to Be in First


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