February Currently

Oh February!
How nice to see you again.
I love this little month!
It's the last big push through winter here.
March is usually no great shakes either,
but it's not too terribly wintery by then.
So let's link up to a little Currently.
The kids are playing happily for
this one moment in time. 
They have buckets of snow
in the house and they are watching them melt.
I'm trying to embrace their experimenting.

I'm loving just 10 more
school days until our February break.

I can't wait for warmer weather....
By warmer, I mean I'd be happy
with 45 degrees and sunny.

I'm hoping for a little alone time.
I love my school kids.
I love my 3 own children.
But there is very little time
during the day that I am not with
kids 7 and under.
And when you've been stuck inside 
for awhile with these little people
the craziness starts to sink in.
In the words of Madonna I'd like
one day out of life!
I need a holiday....
Actually I need a homeday.
Just a day to tackle projects with
no little bodies underfoot.

I need to get some 
tpt projects underway!
I have a couple I am really excited 
to share with you!
But first I need to start them =)

2 truths and a lie
I do have dimples in my shoulders!
So do my oldest and youngest child.
I also have been driving the same car for
over 10 years!
That's a long time.
My lie is that I have lived just a couple
other places...
Connecticut when I was in college and
Dublin, Ireland when I did my study abroad.
I also lived in London for about a 
month after college.
I would love to pick up and move somewhere
else just for fun, 
but this little thing called reality 
reminds me that is easier said than done!

Are you ready for some football?
I am ready for some commercials.
I'm not a huge sports person.
I like the uniforms, the half-time show,
the snacks and the drinks.
I have no interest in how 
the plays and such all work.
34 years and I still have no idea what a down is.
But, I do love a good sale!
My tpt shop will be on sale all day today and tomorrow
for some Super Bowl goodness!

Also be sure to head to my friend Jessica's blog
to check out her
Favorite Things Giveaway! 


  1. Wow! You have lived a lot of amazing places! I am looking forward to warmer weather too. We have some today, but it isn't going to last!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. So lucky that you get a February break! We get a long weekend for Presidents' Day but have to wait until April for our next long break. I could sure use a break right now! :)

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

  3. I already watched the commercials online last night, so I think that I can reward myself and go shopping tomorrow instead of sitting on the couch! I too am counting down the days until our little break is here! Woooohoooo!

    Lucky to Be in First

  4. When I taught in North Jersey we got a week long Feb. break but in South Jersey we don't get one. I definitely miss it! You need the time away from the snow and ice!! (Or the lesson plans and test prep!)

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  5. We did not go to school for 4 days. My own kids and this house are about to drive me insane. Today, I wonder when my kids (11 and 6) will ever get along. I may keep them in the coat closet and let them out until they 'love' each other. I hope the heat wave goes your way soon :)
    My Second Sense

  6. I don't even have kids yet and I NEED ALONE TIME! My hubby is traveling this week so I'll have a little time to watch a girlie movie and play some of the music he isn't a fan of!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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