Welcome everyone to the very first
This is a little party on the web to 
link up anything fun.
My best bloggy pal Molly of Lucky to be in First
and I are hosting the most fun linky party on the web!
Our lives as teachers are crazy busy.
It's important we squeeze a little fun in there along the way!
Then we get to share our fun with our friends.
You can share anything and everything fun!
Feel free to make your post as long or short as you like.
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Oh yes, that is us as melonheadz!!

My whole week has been fun because I was on
Lucky lucky ME!
My fun this week was a little unconventional.
I joined a gym!
I have done very little exercise since my oldest was born...
6 years ago!
I've done a lot of lifting children. running around the yard, 
making meals, cleaning, etc. etc. 
But, I have not done any exercise just for me!
So you might be thinking- Really lady, that is so NOT FUN!
But this gym is different and FUN.
It's called Koko Fit and it is so fun.
I think now there are about 130 of these throughout the nation. 
Hopefully more will be coming soon.
What's so great you ask?
This mega machine is the mother ship of your workout.
You really only visit this machine and 
a treadmill or elliptical for a bit of cardio.
I really love it because as a mom/teacher/maid/cook/driver/blogger 
I don't have a ton of free time. 
Koko allows me to get in, get out and get on!
You get a snazzy little flash drive thing that stores all your info and customizes your workout. The when you pop on the machine it guides you through your customized workout. It's like an electronic personal trainer. But there isn't anyone judging you. 
I know real life personal trainers aren't supposed to judge, 
but secretly I think they are judging me. 
You can also pop online and see your growth, get meal plans and track your workouts.
I'm really excited about all of it!
And now that I've told all of you I am bound to doing it!
Check it out here to see if there is one near you!

There was a little more fun this week too.
*I went to IKEA with my best pal and her kids.
Small Land = Best Invention Ever!
*We saw the Frozen Sing-Along movie.
I loved it just as much as they did!
*We went to a fantastic kids concert and dinner by my
super talented friend Mr. Rob. 
Check out his website!
*I started my very first Project Life album with my kids.
More on that in an upcoming fun post!

I am so excited to see the fun you are all having too!
Remember it can be fun anywhere, with anyone, doing anything!

Just a few guidelines before I hand over the wheel.
Grab our button and add it to your "Sunday Funday" post. 
Please link up our blogs to your post.
Link up your "Sunday Funday" post below.
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Oh vacation week...
how I love you!
I will be so sad to see you go.
Why do you go by so fast?
It has been very jammie-ful around here.
But I got a bit done too. Yes!
Linking up with Doodle Bugs!

I feel like I finished a full marathon this week!
I mentioned a few weeks back in my Currently post that I
was working on something big. 
This week I can say it is done and done!

Before I share let's have a little quiz.
Do you have report cards right around the corner?
I do!
Do you get that panic of "What did I teach?" "
Do they know everything they should?"
I do!
Do you fear a parent questioning a grade and you don't 
have the actual evidence at your fingertips?
I do!

I've been feeling this way for for awhile now.
I know I needed an assessment system that is
manageable, yet effective.
When I create items for my class I really strive to make things
that have very little prep.
I need to be able to use them quickly and effectively.
With my own 3 children and my 22 school children
I average about negative 3 hours of free time per day.
I don't have a ton of time to do assessments from
a variety of resource.
Then file them.
Then look them over.
I need everything all in one place and
I need it to be strong evidence of their learning.

To help ease my worried mind about whether or not they really know their stuff I created
This product has four mini assessments for each Common Core math standard. 
Here's a little sneak peak!
For every standard you get 4 assessments that go from
"easy" up through "advanced".
Here' s pic to explain a bit more.
I am going to bind my Common Core Quickies into workbooks.
Then at report card time and parent conference time I have the assessments
right at my fingertips to have the proof and evidence of the learning.
I had a fun date night to Staples this vacation with my son to get the 
inaugural Common Core Quickies workbook.

We got him a little journal too =)!

Here's a big old preview for you as well!
Common Core Quickies ELA are coming soon!
So in a random moment over vacation I had a 
lightbulb idea for a linky party called
I told my bbff Molly from Lucky to be in First and
we quickly decided to do it together.
Everything is more fun with a friend, right?
This is a place for you wonderful bloggers
to share anything and everything fun on your blogs.
We have so much work to do as teachers...
We need some extra fun in our lives!
You can link up with me or Molly
You all want in, I know!
Be sure to grab the  Sunday Funday button.
And yes that is us as Melonheadz!!
Thank you Nikki!
Can you tell?
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Thanks for hanging in everyone!

Oh say can you see...
The mounds of snowing pouring out of the sky
in New England tonight?
I feel like I'm in a race against the clock to get
this post up before we lose power.
I for sure hope we don't, but I don't think
the odds are in my favor.
I have everything charging right now
just in case we are without tomorrow.
Luckily we have a very cozy wood stove
that keeps us so toasty and cozy!
I'm happy to be linking up with Doodlebugs & Lucky to be in First!

We had a perfect storm of holidays and events
in first grade this week. For a short month
we really try and pack in A LOT!
We made these adorable 
Abe Lincoln & George Washington
double- sided crafts by Erica.
I think these are the cute cute cutest things 
I have seen in a long time!
My class loved making them.
It was perfect too because we just started learning about money.
This was a great way to help grasp this tricky concept.
It's a little hard to see, but George has quarter buttons
and Abe has a penny band on his hat. 
Speaking of money we've done a lot of 
scooping, sorting and counting this week.
Many of my kids still need a lot of practice.
So practice we will!
For some very simple introduction practice
they folded a paper into fourths and then took
a scoop of pennies and nickels.
Next up they drew their coins and totaled them up.
Such a super simple activity.
I think we will do this a bunch more times 
and continue to add in various coins.
We've had a lot of help from the Math Maniacs!
These are my Math {K}oncept Kids
who assist in introducing math to my class.
They have lots of friends who help 
with addition, subtractions, tallies, place value and more!
Click on the picture to check 'em out!

We also had great Valentines and Hundreds Day celebrations.
We hit the 100th day on Valentine's Day!
What a lucky teacher I am!
Because of this I don't feel like I went all out
on either celebration, 
but did more of a paired down version of both.
For the 100th day I had a parent volunteer an 
amazing snack where they choose 10 of 10 items.
That equals 100 in case you needed a little help!
We also did several activities from my
Happy 100th Day Goodies Galore Pack.
Click pic to head to my shop.
Since our days collided we are going to make our
book of 100 words when we return from break.
I love that activity because they have no idea
that they can write 100 words.
They are so surprised when they accomplish this task!

For our Valentine's Day celebration we graphed conversation hearts.
I made my kids these bookmarks.
Thanks to Sarah at A Sunny Day in First Grade for
this idea which I got around to at 11:30 on the 13th.
We also had a treat! Mmmmm....
I have a super sweet retired teacher helping out in my room.
He and his wife brought these in.
So very sweet!

I am happy to say that I also checked
something off my to do list today!
*Silent Cheer*
I have been meaning to make posters
of the various patriotic songs we sing
for a long long time!
I ramble off the same songs every morning
to our class president.
Now they can just look and pick!
One less thing I have to say during the day.
Click on the pic to get these!
I am thinking of putting mine in 
a little something like this.
They have these on Amazon here.

The lights keep flickering here!
I'm glad I got this done in case 
I am in the dark tomorrow.
It'll be ok because I'll be with these silly willies!
Hopefully they won't look like this.

My sweet blog friend Molly
has a "love"ly link going on this week.
It's that time of year to share what we love!

I love this blog, tpt, instagram, fb world that
I am a part of.
I teetered on the"Should I have a blog?" fence for such a long time.
Why did I do that?
I should've jumped on this train ages ago!
It has given my teaching such purpose and focus.
I could do this all day!

I love me some great organization.
I am constantly organizing and reorganizing.
With my class kids and my home kids I
can't necessarily say my house is "neat"
But, I love to find little treasure to help 
control the chaos at home and school.
I found these awesome organizational
treasures for this school year.
The crayon holder is a soap holder.
I picked it up at Christmas Tree Shop.
The storage caddy is from Target recently.
It is simply the best!

I love the beach!
I love about a mile from one of the most
gorgeous beaches in Massachusetts.
I just wish we had about 4 -5 additional
warmer months!

I am so in love with the connections
I have made on the teacherprenaur journey.
I can't wait for Vegas to meet so many
more awesome teacher/blogger. creators!

My family it cute, cuddly and sweet-
husband included!
I love to spend time with them!
Vacation is so close.
Looking forward to a week at home
with these crazy cats.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Happy Olympic season everyone!
I love the Olympics!
It's such an amazing time.
I had a wonderful experience tonight snuggling
on the couch with my almost 6 year old
and talking about the different countries
and commenting on the USA outfits =)
I'm psyched to have good tv to watch for the
next two weeks!

Let's have a little review session
of what's going on in grade one!
My kiddos got some of their testing
scores back. Let's just say things
didn't go as well as I'd like. 
But, what do we teachers do?
We use those scores to drive instruction.
Well I'm going to be driving fluency and accuracy
on a cross country road trip. 
We need loads of practice!
I've reworked groups and replanned some of our routines.
I'm going to add some word game 
practice into our morning time routine.
First up...a little "I Have. Who Has?"
Lucky you...it's a FREEBIE!
I whipped up a nonsense word version and 
a sentence version. Hope you enjoy this freebie!
In my replanning and reworking
I know a lot of my kiddos still need
practice with magic e/silent e...
I like to call it both.
I thankfully finished my 
"Phonics Printables- Silent e" pack
just in time to rock out some 
major intervention in my classroom.
There is A LOT of
 independent practice in here.
That was a main goal in creating this!
I really wanted my students to
do the work in here independently.
I find so often in publishers' workbooks
that the directions or other words on the
page are so hard that the true meaning of 
the practice gets lost.
Does that make sense?
Click on the pic or head here to check it out!
Head over to my fb page for a little giveaway too =)
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It's these fun little posters.
They are great for a classroom, playroom, bedroom...
maybe even your bathroom!
We got a little bit of our love on 
in prep for Valentine's Day next week.
The kids had fun making these sweet owls.
They whip together so quickly!
These are in my 
There's a whole lotta love up in here
with this pack!
We also got started on our 
Love Notes for next week. 
You can read a little more
about this here!

This is a {FREEBIE} in my tpt shop =)
Just cause I love you all so much!
One of the best things that has happened 
to me so far this year are Tania's from
My Second Sense newsletters.
These things rock.
They have forever
changed me into a 
regular newsletter sender!
The template is all there for you ...
you just edit the text as you need.
Click here to check them out!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Go Team USA!
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