Winter Warm-up!

The Winter Warm-up was a success!
We had a great group of teachers from the New England area!
Who knew there were this many New England bloggers?
And I know there are a few more...
hopefully they'll join us next time!
From left to right starting in the back row
Katie from "I'm Just a Stalker" funny!

It was a fun afternoon of chatting, laughing and
getting to know one another!
A big shout out to Sara's sweet husband 
for taking a whole bunch of photos.
He could've made some quick cash selling the
11 iphones in his pockets!

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  2. Love love love! Had so much fun - have to do it again soon Deirdre!

    Mindful Rambles

  3. It was super fun! I am glad to have met you all! If you have that great pic, would you be willing to send it to me ( Have a wonderful weekend!
    Reading and Writing Rehead

  4. I would love to join you next time! I am just trying to get my blog up and running and figure it all out! Maybe you could all give me some tips! I am from Vermont and would love to meet up with some fellow New England teachers!



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