Hooray for Friday!
Boo for winter....
Is it over yet?

We had a fun, busy and cold week in grade one.
We haven't gotten outside much because
of the cold and wet so we've tried to
do as much moving and grooving as possible
in the classroom.
Be sure to read to the end for
a special surprise!
Friday is always great for
linking up with Doodle Bugs!

On Wednesday we played a fun little game I made
up about 2 minutes before math
and I called it SNOWBALL FIGHT!

I printed up and made a trillion copies
of these awesome {FREEBIE} flashcards
from the ever fabulous Molly at Lucky to be in First.
Click to grab addition or subtraction.

I had the kids sit on the rug with their 
table group in a small circle.
Each kid had a pencil and a clipboard.
They each had a big pile of the flashcards
and a bin to put them in.
I said 
ready....set....SNOWBALL FIGHT!
They then went to town completing and
then crumbling as many flash cards as possible!
I gave them about 3 minutes.
When they were finished they then had
to go through their large pile as a group 
and double check their work!
I'm sneaky like that.
It was a really fun and exhilarating
way to warm-up for math!
Facts can be a little dry sometimes
so anything to spice them up is awesome.
What do you do for
basic facts practice?

I had an organizational score
this week.
I moved to tables from desks this year.
Praise to the heavens!
For the most part the
storage of the kids "stuff"
has been pretty manageable.
But as you all know we give them
more and more "stuff" as the 
year progress.
So originally I gave them cups for their
one pencil and highlighter.
Then they had crayons in some
adorable soap holders.
Well out "stuff" has grown into
sight word rings and math flashcards.
We needed something...anything...
and fast.
And then the almighty Target
came to the rescue!
I got these adorable containers to store everything!
A place for everything
and everything in its place!
Our Scholastic News this week
was Mo Willems.
His books are the best!
We read just about everything he's written.
The kiddos have a little surprise on Monday
when the pigeon will start some weekly 
adventures to their houses!
Class mascots are such a fun time!
In the spirit of true randomness
sometimes you wear the same
outfit as a co-worker!
It made for a good chuckle all day.
I'm so excited to share with you a little 
something special I made this week!
Do you ever find yourself
saying a lot of the same lines
over and over (and over).
Well I made a few freebies for you!
We all know how important 
visual reminders are.
I call them "Positive Posters"!

All you need to do is *like* my Facebook page 
to grab them.

Stay warm this weekend folks!
Ten more schools days here 'til February break.
Just keep swimming...


  1. Those posters are seriously RAD!! I can't wait to get 'em all printed & hung up in my class next week! Love how you used the little caddies - I'm sure the kids love those! Stay dry, my friend!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Thanks so much for a great freebie! Will look great in my room!

    Success in Second Grade
    Follow me on Facebook!

  3. Love those! They are great for motivation. I might hang them all around my school!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. The posters are perfect! Thank you! Our secretaries always wear the same colors by chance. Happy weekend!

  5. Love the snowball idea! I've had "snowball fights" in the room and so I know my kids will love this. Thanks for sharing.

    Third Grade Galore


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