Link it up!

Today's going to be a 
linky dinky doo
kinda day!
Several linkys I wanted 
to do have all converged
into one post.
It's just like superstorm
Hercules that we are experiencing 
right now!

First up I'm joining in
with Elizabeth at
to share some instapics that 
are super great =)

Here's my Quinny on Christmas morning!
Full of holiday joy for $1 Minnie Mouse socks.

This picture was really well liked on insta.
And I LOVE to see it everyday.
It's an awesome way to display 
my kiddos at home art.
I just spray painted some frames
and I hot glued cork board inside.
I really love those command strips 
for hanging frames.
It makes our walls so happy 
to not have holes in them.

This last picture I put together after I saw Frozen
and then found out we would be having a snow day!
We were supposed to head back Thursday, 
but got walloped with snow so we got
an extended vaca! Yippee!!
I'm sure Monday will be torture.

Since I am super linkin' I am also going to 
delight you all with my Currently.
Linking up with Farley.
I think this Currently 
explains itself!
It's been all snow and jammies
and one day running into 
another around here. 

Let's now head over to
Denise and her
My Truth Monday.

I really need to remember to breathe!
I need to remember this at school,
at home, with my school kids,
my biological kids and my husband.
I need to accept the things I can't change
and move on=)
Just one big breath can make
all the stress melt away!

I am so excited that in all the vacation 
goodness I was able to complete 
two things that have been
mocking me to get done!

is here!
I am so excited for these activities.
January is a tough month, I think.
It's cold and we are stuck inside a lot.
I think these math activities 
will make it not so terrible.

Here's a little sampler platter.

Also included there are 3 
of these cutie colorful pictures 
for students to count, tally and graph 
the items. There is a 
recording sheet and a graphing sheet as well. 

Most of these activities your students
can do more than once.
You don't need to cut or laminate anything!
These can be from the printer to your
students in no time flat.
Students can also revisit these
activities throughout the month
since they will be making new numbers 
each time.
Here's a peek of the whole shebang.

My other accomplishment this week 
was my newest
Up now....Digraphs!
For each digraph there are the following worksheets.
-Write and Color the Picture
-Finish the Sentence
-Word Search
-Color Vowels and Consonants
-Cut, Glue and Match

For additional practice there is;
Make a Word Spinner Activity (2 versions)
I Have. Who Has? (24 cards)
Digraph BINGO (24 cards)
Check it all out here.

A big thanks to Sarah at Educlips
for making me the adorable digraph clipart.

Thanks for reading folks!
Of course I'm linking all this
goodness up with 


  1. Hi Deidre. I'm totally connecting to your post. I live in Wakefield, MA, and although the snow days were awesome, it is going to be torture on Monday. Plus I love the sign you made about the snow day. Also, my dad's middle name is Quinn - what a cool name for a girl - love it!

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  3. You have been SUPER productive! We went back Thursday and then had a snow day on Friday. While it was we don't have any days off till EASTER!!!! Enjoy your last day of vacation!
    Two Friends In First


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