Go Pats!

This post is coming to you from a cute
little cafe in upstate Vermont
with a rice krispie treat in hand...yum!
I love this state!
It's so chill...
Only problem is it's cold and snowy.
If you follow me you know cold and snowy 
aren't really my thang.

Ever just have one of those weeks?
Thank goodness it's a 3 day weekend
because I really need it.
Josh and I are away for 2 nights with
no kids!
I love love love my kiddos, 
but sometimes you need a little getaway!
I don't think we've been away alone
just the two of us in about 5 years....
we are due!
I wanted to get this post up before we
left, but life happens.
So far in Vermont we went to movie...
American Hustle- it was awesome.
A lot of the movie was filmed in my
hometown of Worcester, MA.
It was so cool to pick out spots I knew. 
We've also eaten loads of
yummy food at the cutest spots.

So the week in review.
First up my good friend Mr. Rob came and
played in our classroom.
The kids loved it!
If you are a New Englander and looking for
a great class or school wide enrichment this is
the guy to grab!
Leave a comment if
you'd like more info
about Mr. Rob!

I created a fun little FREEBIE this week.

These are valentines students can use to
write each other in the days leading up to 
Valentine's Day.
You can also use these if a student 
doesn't have access to valentines.
I left them black and white so the kids 
can add their own personal touch with color!
I like to have my kids decorate a bag 
or envelope for their classmates to fill
with sweet valentines they write.
I provide everyone with their own class list to 
help them with names. 
The freebie has a small label and large label
depending on your container.. 

I am holding my valentines in these cute
containers I found at the almighty Target =).

You can grab these this weekend in
22 of your favorite bloggers have teamed up to bring you a...

Our forts are built...
the snowballs are packed & stacked...
and we're about to BLAST you with FREEBIES!!

So lace up your books, pull on your mittens,
and get ready to load up on 'SNOW' much good stuff!!

Hop on over to to the Happy Teacher Heaven facebook page to pick up my freebie!

Look for this tab on every facebook page to find the next FREEBIE.
Note: You will not be able to access the freebies from an iPad.  

Click the image below to download a copy of the clickable map to find your way to all the 'snow forts'!

The Snowball Fight begins at 10 am CST on Saturday, January 18th.  
But don't delay because the snowballs melt at 10 pm CST on Monday, January 20th!!

We hope you have fun on the hop and find lots of fun freebies that you and your kiddos will love!
Make sure to follow our blogs too so you'll never miss a FREEBIE!  
Thanks for joining our Snowball Fight!!
You still have a day and a half to grab
loads of great goodies!

We spent some time in grade one this week
reviewing digraphs.
We used quite a few activities from my
Inside you'll find 5 printables for the 4 digraphs.
These are truly on level with a first graders ability
so they should be able to complete it independently.
I've also included 5 mixed practice pages for
when they've mastered the digraphs individually.
You'll also get a super fun spinner game,
"I have. Who has?" and "Digraph Bingo!"

Off to watch the Pats!
I'm not a super fan, but
I'm happy to look at Tom Brady
for a few hours. 

Thanks for stopping in.
I'm of course linking this up
two days late to Kacey's
Five for Friday.


  1. Love the valentines! So cute! I am your newest follower!

    A+ Classroom Creations

  2. I bought THE SAME adorable tubs from Target! Glad you had a fun weekend away! You guys deserve it!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Hi Deidre. Could you please add me to the mailing list for the blogger meeting?

    thanks, susan

    email: skrevat@juno.com

    p.s. I live in Wakefield, MA and work in Woburn.

  4. Your first weekend away in 5 years and you are writing blog posts? That is dedication. I just found your blog from a link at Elementary Matters and I am loving catching up on some of your older posts. Great stuff!

    The Math Maniac


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