A Happy Snowman

Can you tell by the title I'm loving
the Frozen soundtrack?
We will get to snowmen in a minute or so.
But first....
Whose psyched for Freebies on the Fifteenth?
Me! Me! Me!

I love this link Molly has. 
What a great way to collect 
some good teaching stuff each month.
And I'm setting you up with not one, 
but 2 freebies!
In my class I use the Daily Five.
For word work this year kids take a word list and
then make the words with their preferred method.
This might be whiteboards, stamps, crayons, markers, etc!
Well it's January and I still have short vowel word lists out.
I'm lame! 
Sometimes these things just sneak up on us. 
This happens to me in my life A LOT!
The laundry, dishes, bills, etc...
they all sneak right up on me.
So I got my rear in gear and made some new word lists
for long vowels. 

Let me know if you like this freebie!
I'm happy to make more lists...
digraphs, blends, y as a vowel,
plurals..the fun never ends!

We also had a lot of fun
last week and into this week
with the ever popular book
We always need a little extra
writing practice and now
that January is here to stay it's
time for everyone to 
pull on their big boy pants.
I really start to expect some 
quality writing this time of year.
We did the first part of our 
writing on Friday.
They had to write three things
they would do as a snowman at night.
 This week we are extending that writing!
The kids are going to pick their favorite
choice from above and expand it.
The following two pages guide students through
writing an opening, 3 details, a closing and an opinion.

Wish us luck!
Their amazing writing will be stapled to 
these beautiful projects we created!
Jessica at Ideas by Jivey
has a wonderful link called
Workshop Wednesday 
that I'll be linking this 
snowman post and freebie to!

Can you all feel the 100th day creeping
up on you?
I sure can!
And I love it!
It means we are over halfway there.
I can practically feel the sand in my toes...
I kid, but a girl can dream.
I want to be prepared this year with a 
host of hundred day goodies ready
to rock when the big day comes.
I put together this to help me
attain that goal.

Inside you'll find making words, word search,
hundred chart activities, a book of 100 words,
a craftivity and more!
Here's a sneak peek at the craftivity page.

Ok my eyes are dropping.
Hump Day tomorrow folks.
Yippee skippy!


  1. I love your Snowmen at Night writing!! I still use that book with my fourthsters. :) thanks for linking up!!

  2. Too much good stuff in this post - seriously! I am totally printing out this snowman at night writing so that I can do it tomorrow! Thank you, friend! Your 100th Day packet is amazeballs - I have already prepped a few goodies (even though it's weeks away for us!!) Thanks for yet another amazing product!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Thanks so much for the freebie! Perfect for my firsties who are so ready!!! :)
    Dirt Road Teacher


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