Winter Planning Giveaway- Stop A-2

It is the most wonderful time of the year everyone!
Erin at I'm Lovin Lit has generously 
organized another amazing giveaway. 
The very best part about her giveaway you ask?
Yes, it's true.
It's like being Oprah...
"you get TpT goodies" and "you get TpT goodies"!
All you need to do is pop over to Lovin Lit' for instructions 
and then receive a whole bunch of awesome products. 

I'm in the A group. If you head to Lovin' Lit and follow the easy peesy 
instructions you'll get all this goodness for FREE!

The product I have put in the giveaway is a new little pack I
created for those moments before the holidays when you
need a minute or fifteen to collect yourself. 
Maybe you need to finish hot glueing ornaments
or binding holiday books or just find the top of your desk.
This is a collection of 10 activities that will 
surely keep your students engaged.

Here's a little sneak peek of all the
FREE goodness you will get!

Another little product you might enjoy if the
Ho! Ho! Ho!  Holiday Goodies Galore
are up your alley is my
Math Workshop December.

This product has 10 Print & Go activities for your 
math workshop, stations, tubs or centers.
Kids can revisit these over and over. 
Simply add cards, dice and counters 
and you'll be ready to go!

My parents always taught my the importance of
saying thanks. Your thanks would be so welcome
by following me in my teaching and blogging adventures.

Be sure to follow me here through bloglovin'.

Check me out on facebook too!

I think you'll definitely want to check out my 
Later this week I'll be sending an inbox message to my 
followers for a secret blog page freebie. 
To make things even more special I am giving away a
Math Workshop December.
Since you were all so kind in following me 
here, there and everywhere this rafflecopter will be a breeze.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Now jot down my secret word and head to Lovin' Lit 
to get the rest of the secret words!

This post might now reach a longest post ever record,
but I just want to make sure everyone knows about the
big Cyber Monday and Tuesday SALE on TpT!
So much teachery goodness!!
My cart is fuller than full!
I'm sure I'll be scooping up lots of clipart, 
but there are a few other items I know I'll snag!

I love my bbff Molly's new Gingerbread Mini Unit!
I always do gingerbread men in January, 
but they may come early this year with all this cuteness!
Run run run to grab it here!

I'm loving this adorable 
emergent reader by the adorable 
I know my kiddos will love the different ways
 they can interact with this cute book.
Check it out here.

Coming up in January we start a big geometry unit.
I will be psyched to use this 
I love pizza through all the seasons 
so this will be delicious I'm sure!
Chow down on it here.

My whole store is on sale for 20% off 
plus you get an additional 8% off 
with the code CYBER at checkout.

Thanks for hanging in there!
Only 15 school days 'til Christmas break!
We can do this!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Your freebie looks like a lot of fun, I can't wait to use it! :)

    Jungle Learners

  2. I think your holiday goodies packet will be great for that last week before break. I can't wait to "win" it! Thanks for sharing. Following you, Sara


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