The Christmas Questionnare

I am excited to be linking up today with Michelle from Fabulous in First!
She created a little Christmas Questionnare for us to
share a bit about us with you!

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog?
Hot Chocolate with about 1/2 cocoa and 1/2 whipped cream. Mmmmmm.
Although my mother in law makes a mean egg nog pie. If you ever come to my house at the holidays I will have her make us one. I can't even describe how amazing it is!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
He wraps like its going out of style! It makes the whole opening process last a lot longer too! If it can be wrapped we wrap it. I love wrapping way better than gift bags too. I love the excitement of pulling the paper off and am happy to be passing that excitement off to my kids. I used to get seriously upset with my mom for overuse of gift bags. Gift bags are lazyman's wrapping (no offense to the gift baggers out there).

Colored or white lights?
WHITE! I love the classic style! If my husband had his way they'd be colored. But, I continue to win this one small battle. 

When do you decorate?
With three little kids and a full time teaching job I decorate whenever I can. To be honest not everything is quite out yet. A lot of it has appeared, but not quite everything. And if you came over right now there is a strong chance you'd find a pumpkin or 8 still on my front step. But, there is a wreath on the door. Inch by inch my friends....Mae, our elf, like to bring the decorations little by little each night. 

Real tree or fake?
REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL!!!!  'nuff said....

What tops your tree?
I FINALLY found a tree topper I am happy with. I picked up this little number at Target this year. I have been on the search year after year and finally found one I like. I am really happy with this one because 1. it lights up and 2. it clips on with a hair clip type contraption...super easy!

That old looking bell on the tree was my parents' first ornament.
 They passed it on to us our first Christmas.

Favorite Christmas memories or traditions?
For the past 5 years since my son was a little baby we have seen Santa arrive to Cape Cod on a helicopter. So cool!
We also visit and chat with Santa outside a local library. We've taken my kids for the last four years and we all love it! He sits in a little shed and you get to go in and have a nice private chat. He's the nicest Santa going! They have cocoa & cookies and a fire truck ride through town. They take and print your picture for free too! I guess the best things in life are free. 

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?
My favorite gift as a child was for sure the pottery wheel I got when I was in fourth grade (I think). I also got the Little Mermaid cd that Christmas. I have distinct memories of playing on that pottery wheel that winter and learning every word to "Under the Sea". This was long before you could just google the words! 

Do you prefer giving or receiving?
It may sound corny, but I really do prefer giving. Now that we have kids I'd like if people only bought for them. I love to see their delight in receiving gifts. 

What is your favorite Christmas song?
That's a really hard one? I love just about every single one! I love listening to Christmas music. I love "The Carol of the Bells" because I sang it in high school choir and I love knowing all the words. I also really love "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" because I met Gene Autry when I was 9.

Candy Canes. Yum or Yuck?
Yum, but they are a pain to eat.

Favorite Christmas movie?
Love Actually- It's my favorite movie all 12 months of the year. I haven't seen it yet this year. Maybe Josh and I will have to watch it Christmas Eve.

Do you shop online or in stores?
I think mostly I shop in stores. I like to touch and see stuff in real life before I buy. I'm no stranger to the online shopping though. I really love Zulily!

Photo cards, letters or store bought?
Photo cards all the way! And lucky you mine just arrived today. Here's a peek!


  1. Super cute family! I haven't seen Love Actually, but I saw a preview for it recently and it looks good so I'll have to Netflix it :) Happy holidays blogging buddy!

    Teaching in the Tongass

  2. Beautiful card Deirdre! My favorite all year movie is LA too- I watch it whenever I'm sick or sad!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

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  4. I'm sure that not many children have a memory of Santa arriving in a helicopter. How great is that?!!!!

    Happy Holidays!

    Michelle @ Teach123

  5. Stopping by from the linky party! I just got linked up today. I love your Christmas cards!!! How special to have your parents' first ornament!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Come by my blog for the party when you get a chance!
    Many Blessings,


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