Merry "Craft"mas!

It's that time of year!
The most wornderful time of the year!
Time to craft our pants off.
We have a couple fun things planned for the week ahead 
that I wanted to share with you.

I'm linking up with Molly for her Fabulous Freebie on the Fifteenth Linky.

That scares me a little because it means Christmas is only 10 day away.
I'm in a good place, but by no means is everything done.
The box of Christmas cards is taunting me to be addressed.
I've seen some adorable candy canes on insta this week, 
but I need a little template to get myself going.
In this season of giving of course I'm going to share it with you!

You can really use a variety 
of materials for this craft.
You could do torn paper, crumpled tissue, pom poms,
scrapbook paper, rhinestones or sequins.
I got my craft on and did a little mixed media!
I really love the sequins.
Must be my dancer past...
Every costume had some bling!
Actually, I'm probably the least blingy person ever.

Your probably heard about the tpt ebook.
Well, I felt like the kid who got picked last in gym.
Except I didn't get picked at all.
Oh well!
I was pretty proud of my submission though.
So here is is for all of you to enjoy!
Those paint stick snowmen are my fave!
I do very few activities year to year,
but that one I've done for a looonnnggg time.
I'm sure I'll hot glue a fingertip or two off this week.

Here's the Class Book Freebie you see in my page.

I know I've been promising a Teachers Pay Teachers 
fan page for awhile now.
I haven't forgot about you all!
I pinky promise I will get it up this week.
The upside?
 You have an extra
day or day to be a tpt follower

Best of luck to you as we brave the
hardest week to keep the kids focused!
If you're looking for a little something to keep the kiddos
engaged while you finish up this & that and attempt
to tidy things up before vacation you may want to check out my 

Off to bed.
Last Sunday night for a couple weeks!


  1. Oh so sorry you didn't get picked - your page looks so cute. Thanks for the little freebie.

  2. Your page turned out awesome & I am SO glad I can benefit from it now! Thanks for sharing the adorable craft! We're making the class books today!

    Lucky to Be in First


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