It's the Holiday Season!

Hi There Everyone!
I hope you are all surviving the holiday hub bub.
Can you just feel the holiday energy in the air?
Surprisingly my kiddos were actually pretty great this week.
This is great for them since I have to work 
on report cards this weekend {wink}.

We've started the holiday crafting craze this week!!
I love making holiday crafts.
We made these cuties from Amy Lemons this week.
They did a great job.
I also photocopied these and sent a copy home
to their families. Just in case Santa wasn't able 
to text them what their child wanted.

The night before we wrote these letters I happened
upon this little gem from Teacher Tipster
Seriously check it out.
So simple, yet so helpful.
I love that Teacher Tipster.
I'll be doing this with our day to day writing as well.
I feel a freebie in your future.
Stay tuned.

I'm really excited this weekend to be 
joining in the Facebook Frenzy!
When you visit my Facebook page 
click on the cute little penguin FB Frenzy tab.
The you can grab my freebie and click through to a whole
bunch of other awesome freebies as well.

This pack is a little bonus to my 
These activities are for those crazy times right before the holidays
where us teachers need just a minute to catch our breath, 
clean off our desk but, have the children engaged and independent.
Read on to see how you can get this for FREE!

You'll be super psyched to know you can grab
through Lovin Lit's super duper 
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That's right- You All Win Everything!
Click here to get started 
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Well I guess my fun blogging time is over.
No more card time it is!
Got the tree up this week 
and a pic of the kids with 3 kids all looking
at the camera...almost.
Happy Weekend!
Be sure to pop over to Doodlebugs to
check out more Five for Friday goodness!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! Heading over to Facebook next to get it. Hope report cards don't take up too much time from your weekend!

    Learning is for Superstars
    follow on Facebook

  2. Your tree is gorgeous (and of course the little gems in front of it are too!) LOVE both of the goodies you are so kindly sharing with everyone this week! You rock!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. I enjoyed viewing your blog. I spy some cool New England architecture (I was born in Beantown and miss the homes:)) I hope your report card chore is soon over! Enjoy the season!


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