2014 Goals

I am excited to be ringing in the New Year with
She's hosting a great linky to set forth
goals for 2014. 

I'd love to grow as an educator with some awesome 
professional development.
Sometimes finding this is easier said than done.
Often New England isn't the biggest hot spot for
conferences and the like.
Any suggestions for a must do conference are welcome!
Dr. Jean is in 
New Hampshire in March.
I think I might be making a 
road trip in a few months!

I need to read some of the latest and greatest books.
Next Steps in Guiding Reading has been on my shelf for awhile!

I also need to finish Teach Like A Pirate.
And I really should reread The Cafe

I'd really like to get into yoga this year.
I danced my whole life and was always 
flexible and limber.
Well then my 30s hit and my body is
getting cricky and cracky.
I need to stretch everything out.
I'd love to start by at least getting to 
yoga once a week.
I'd love to try some other workout
options more related to dance, but
living on this island doesn't have a 
ton of options. 

Visiting places is not really in my 
radar right now.
I love my children, 
but I'm not ready to fly on a plane 
voluntarily with them yet.
Insert random kid photo...
Of course I am planning to go to 
Las Vegas for the Tpt conference in July!

I'm not sure we will see much other
travel in my family in the coming year.
Maybe a visit to Sesame Place?!?
We went two years ago with the two oldest
and they loved it so I think we will revisit there.

Also we have two weddings in my family this summer
so we will be doing a little 
New England traveling for those. 

That's a tricky one!
By nature I have a pretty bland palate
and stick with plain and simple foods.
Neither my husband or I are "foodies".
Dinner is pretty basic around here.
chicken - pasta - tacos - meatloaf - etc
I think I'd like to get rid of some food choices
rather than add things in.
I should try more veggies!

I think I need to learn how to make
rainbow loom bracelets.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but my
son really wants to learn them so I'll
do what I gotta do.
I've watched a few youtube videos 
and I'm sure I'll love it. 
I'd love to learn more about my 
fancy camera as well.
And while I'm at a list of things I'm 
sure I'll never have time for let's
throw in sewing and crocheting too!

I really want to quit soda.
I'll stop for a few days, 
but never long enough!
I get that noontime slump
and need a pick me up.
All suggestions are welcome
on this one!

I want to find more time to create 
products for my classroom.
I love adding to my tpt shop.
Blogging and tpt have really
revolutionized the way I think about 
and approach teaching.
I always thought I had to buy things 
to fit my classroom.
No way Jose!
I can create things that are 
needed for my students.
It's a great new approach for me
and I love it!

I'd like to be a bit more present 
with my kiddos.
Put the phone down and the 
computer away when we are together.
This can be hard, but I'm going to work at it.
Now that the littlest is getting older 
it is getting much easier to be out and about.
We need more family adventures!


  1. I actually laughed out loud at your Rainbow Loom resolution. You are a very great mother to those sweet little faces! I think you should get a Soda Stream to kick your habit. I rarely drink soda now because I can whip up some "bubble juice" as Kathleen's kiddos call it! They also have flavors if you want, which have way less calories than regular soda.

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Those seem like great resolutions! Good luck sticking to them. I know you can do it!

    Thank you for the TpT follower freebie. I was eyeing that craft. My students will really like it.

    Also, can you tell me more about DropBox? We are getting new laptops at school at the end of the month and I need to get ALL the stuff off my laptop to somewhere else and then back on my new laptop. I could spend a fortune on flash drives or an external hard drive, but I really only need to hold the files for a few days. Would you recommend DropBox? Something else? Just looking for ideas. Thanks!


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