Math Monday...Dollar Tree Style

Welcome to Math Monday Mathematicians!

I'm coming at you today with a really fun, simple and 
CHEAP way to add a little seasonal style
 to your math activities without breaking the bank.
I love a trip to the Dollar Tree and wandering a bit for some inspiration.
My low wattage light bulb went off when I saw the 
plates, cups, erasers and table scatter.
I turned that cheap goodness into this....

I used those simple cheap items and turned them into
meaningful and fun activities for my kids.
The plates I simply wrote number sentences on and the kids
used leaf table scatter to solve the number sentence.
I then had them write the whole sentence on their wipe board.
With the cups I wrote a variety of numbers 20-50
and they counted the rings and erasers into the cups.
I told them they had to count them in and out of the cup
to double check!

It's always so good to change things up for them (and me too),
and this is a great easy way to do it!
Guess who'll be headed to the Dollar Store today to
check out the Thanksgiving goodies?

In unrelated math news I made this FREEBIE with the extra hour 
I was gifted from the Daylight Savings gods on Sunday. 
This 29 page product includes the cover you see here, 
a page for each letter of the alphabet 
and a blank template page. 
I am so excited to brainstorm all the things 
we are thankful for in my classroom.
Head here to grab it for free!

Lastly...I am really excited to be part of an amazing giveaway hosted by the talented
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  1. I just grabbed the amazing ABC book you created! I can't wait to get that prepped and have my kiddos start using it!


  2. I was just thinking that I misplaced that extra hour from this weekend. The rest of my family enjoyed it without me. ; )

    I love all your fall goodies. I teach K-5, so I need to pick up more of those kinds of things.

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