Congrats! We Made it through Halloween!

Hi There Everyone!
We made it through Halloween! Hooray!
This may ruffle a feather or two, 
but Halloween is not my favorite holiday.
Even as a little kid I would go to bed early 
to avoid the whole thing.
I wish I could still do that.
My kids do love it and I put on a happy mom face, 
but it is a bit of torture!
Now time to bring on Thanksgiving, Christmas 
and Valentine's Day.
Those holidays are right in my wheelhouse!

We had a busy and productive week in grade one.
Let me share with you some of the highlights...

Of course since it's Friday I'm linking up with 

We read Read on the Broom.
We all loved this book.
We did this great sequencing activity from
This is an awesome book for
practicing sequencing.

I also scooped up the dvd from Amazon for $8.49!

We also worked on pumpkin life cycles.
The kids just eat up the informational stuff. huh?
Did you know you can use a pumpkin as a boat?
Thank you Scholastic News for that new piece of info for my noodle!
We used more of Abby's Interactive Notebook.
It's late...sorry I can't get this pic to flip!

I was so excited to get this finished before November 1!

I am having tons of fun making these each month!
My students are loving them too. 
The activities in this pack are all set for you to
Just add some dice, counters, a paper clip spinner 
and you are ready to rock.
No cutting required....
That makes my sore cutting hand happy!

to check it out in my TPT shop. 

 Again a bit to sleepy to flip this or chop my feet out=)
I am many things...a photo editor I am not. 
Hope you'll forgive me!
We loved this cutie activity from Sarah at
Students made monsters which we called the 
Tens Team!
The monsters had to work together to make 10.
So if you have a 2- its monster teammate should be an 8.
Or if you have 4- your monster teammate should be a 6.
You're smart get the idea.
I loved this because the kids really got to do their own thing 
and I wasn't the crafty dictator I sometimes am.

Lastly we took a fantastic trip to Noun Town this week!
I got the idea for this from the super First Grader at Last.
This chart is actually our first trip to Noun Town.
Later in the week we cleaned up noun town and created
Person St.
Place Rd.
Animal Ave.
Thing Terrace

I then had table groups be in charge of filling each area. 
They tried really hard to avoid repeating words.
I'll add a pic soon...promise!

So that's 5 everyone.
Have a superb weekend!

Hope to see a few of you wonderful folks back here for  
Math Monday!
Link up with all things math!


  1. LOVE the math workshop pack- it's on my wishlist. I have been looking for something that doesn't require endless cutting of cards!!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. Love all the great ideas. My feet are in lots of my pictures too! :)

  3. Your Tens Teams came out super cute!! I LOVE the Nouns Town! We're doing nouns this week....adding this to my plans :) I also added your November pack to my wishlist!

    Have a super week!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade


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