Hello Mad Mathmaticians

I mentioned here yesterday that I finished 
Hooray Hoorah!

Thought I'd take this Math Monday to share
some of the fun stuff inside.
All of these activities your students can return to
over and over and over!
They can continually practice their skills all month.
Students use cards and dice for most of the
activities and games.
There is NO PREP for these activities!
You can slide them in a page protector
and use dry erase markers if you'd like to save on paper.

In this activity students make two digit numbers 
with dice or cards. They write their numbers in the milk cups
and then numbers that come before and after in the cookies.

In the "Doubles Workshop" students roll and color the graph
to see what double they can make the most of.

To use "Santa's Sacks" the kiddos will 
roll a dice or pick a card to get a number.
They write the number in Santa's beard and 
then make number sentences in the sacks 
that equal the beard number.

In "Fa La La La Fact Families" students practice
their fact families skills.

"Lights Out!" is a super fun game for practicing
3 addend addition.

The next few weeks will be crazy for all of us!
This should make your life a bit easier!

Math Monday will be taking a 
break through the December crazies!
See you back for more math goodness in 2014.
Of course I'll still be here writing random posts
about my teaching adventures!

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  1. Your December Workshop looks amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. We do our daily calendar math in a page protector and we love it!! Your activity package looks great! Have a great Thanksgiving - thanks for hosting.

  3. YAY! I finally got to link up. Your new product makes me drool :)
    My Second Sense

  4. I miss Math Monday! I hope that you bring it back!

    Searching for Teacher Balance


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