Five for Sunderday

I tried to get this up Friday and Saturday, 
but my life is cray cray (I love that word). 
Let's have a quick little Five for Friday. 

I am so excited to have finished this this week!
I really enjoy making these Math Workshop packets.
It's so great to have activities that kids can return to over and over.
Not just a one time deal around here!
The best part- no cutting.
This is all print and go...just add some cards and dice!
Check it out here.

We had a lot of fun in grade one making Thanksgiving placemats this week.
We read a few books about the Pilgrims and then generated a class
list of facts we know about the first Thanksgiving. 
The students chose three of the facts we had 
just written and wrote them on small squares. 
They then put these inside their "napkin.
The napkin was an 8 x 8 sheet of construction.
In the plate they drew any Thanksgiving picture they wanted.
Then they added the silverware.
We glued everything onto 11 x 18 paper and....
Voila- Quick little craft with lots of learning involved!

Looking for a last minute Thanksgiving activity?
We have two days of school this week so 
we will for sure be doing this.
This is FREE in my tpt shop!

My sweet friend Christy at Crayons & Whimsy 
is hosting a fabulous giveaway.
The winner receives a $100 gift card to Amazon.
Who wouldn't LOVE that at this time of year?!?
Be sure to enter ends tomorrow!

I have an ugly confession....
I haven't read a book in well over a year.
I know it's sad.
I think the last book I read was The Daily Five.
With my three cute kids, my 23 school kids, 
my house to quasi manage, 
tpt-ing and blogging I just can't manage time for books. 
But...I had a mini epiphany the other day.
I should listen to audio books!
I used to do this all the time when I commuted a long distance.
Now I only drive 22 minutes.
Both ways thats 44 minutes of listening time.
So friends....I need some book suggestions!
Books I have read in the past before 
I became a read slacker include
The Hunger Games, The Help, The Book Thief
Basically anything that is a movie I've read.
Suggestions needed!

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  1. I really liked the Sea of Tranquility- it was one of the best books I read all summer!

    Everyone deServes to Learn


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