A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

Happiest of Fridays!
Yay- We made it once again!

Did this week feel LONG to anyone else?
Dark by 5 is the pits!
Every year it takes me by total surprise.
I feel like I should be in bed by 6:15!

Moving on...
A few things we did this week as we link up with Kacey 
for the always famous 5 for Friday. 

We took a lovely walk to the library.
This is such a fun field trip.
My school is on one of the most scenic roads in New England.
My adorable assistant who has the best English accent calls this road
"movie America" 
because it looks just out of a movie!
Lots of kids got their first library card on this special trip.

One of my favorite things that we do in reading groups is called 
"Leader Reader".
A few years out first grade team participated in a study by a university.
While I don't use everything we learned in the study this little trick '
is something that has stuck with me. 
For "Leader Reader" you assign one person to be the leader and one to be the reader.
The students share the book in the middle.
The leader tracks the words while the reader reads them. 
If the reader gets stuck on a word the leader can ask them 
if they need time or help with the word. 
I also like to have the leader ask comprehension questions 
throughout the reading such as 
"What happened on that page?"
"Who are the characters?"
"What is the setting? How do you know?"
"What happened in the beginning, middle and end?"

It looks like this.
I do this in small reading groups and 
listen in for good reading and questioning.

This works great with our little decodable readers.
It really keeps the listener engaged because they have a job to do!
Sometimes in buddy reading the listener goes to Planet Nine.
This way they have to stay focused for their reader.
Yay- fooled them once again...I kid!
I'm writing this at 4:56 a.m.- forgive me!

Just wanted to take a minute to say my class LOVES their
B.A.T. stands for "Brain Always Thinking".
My blog bff Molly created this work of awesomeness and my
kids cannot get enough!
These books are for when the kids get a case of the "I'm done"s.
Instead of hounding their frazzled teachers 
they simply grab this out and get to work.
It is chocka blocka full with Common Common Core goodness 
to keep their little brains a workin'.
I think Molly is going to need to make a Part Two
with the way my kids are zooming though this!

We've been working on Addition a lot in grade one.
This week we've introduced Addition's BFF- Subtraction.
I am loving using my Math Maniacs to introduce these concepts to kids.

"Addie Addition" and "Sam Subtraction" are fitting in so nicely in Room 12!

Also up on display so far are a few of their other friends...
"Tara Tally Marks", "Ernie Equal", "Even Steven" and "Odd Todd".

These Math {K}oncept Kids are really helping my real kids in front of me
connect to math in the classroom.
Tally Marks are way more fun with "Tara Tally Marks" and 
understanding the equal sign means more with "Ernie Equal" to help explain it.
Don't forget this pack not only has these cutie patties, 
but also a boodle (that's one of my many made up words)
of reference pages for your kiddos too.
I use the amazing 3 prong folders from the all mighty Target.
I then place the reference pages in page protectors in the three prongs. 
My class loves to have a folder they know they can go to with their hundreds chart, 
count by charts, number words and mini pics of all the Math Maniacs 
to help them out!

Here's a quick preview of everything inside....

 You can snag this in my tpt shop!

Since we've been focusing largely on addition and subtraction
we've been singing these songs.
This was my first freebie on tpt.
My kids LOVE these songs and it really helps us to remember
the tricky math vocabulary like addend, sum, difference and subtrahend.

Here's a sneak peek...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
My middle little lady is turning 4 on Monday!
So it'll be all Hello Kitty party up in here tomorrow.
I'm sure you'll see a picture or 8 on instagram 
of how I flubbed the cake.
Happy Birthday Loo!
She's a kooky kat!


  1. Such a cute post! I am definitely checking out those BAT books & the Math Maniacs!

    This week was a long one for me, too! I THOUGHT I'd escaped the time-change-monster, but on Thursday, when my husband and I went to bed willingly at 8:00...I knew we'd been had! I'm sure the electric bill will be up next month because to compensate for these early-evenings, I've been turning on all the lights so we don't get too sleepy! Ha!

    Cheers to the Weekend!
    First Grade Follies

  2. OMG that face! I want to be at the Hello Kitty party, too!! I absolutely LOVE your Math Maniacs! I can't tell you how many times my kiddos have referred to them! Did you write that song?! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see pictures!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Awww - your daughter is absolutely adorable!!! And...lots of fun in this post! So glad to find it from the linky. :)
    Growing Firsties


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