Happy Turkey Day!
What better way to start this day of fun and family
than with a blog post.
My bbff Molly at Lucky to be in First
has a great linky going on!
We really drive thankfulness home in our classrooms this time of year, 
but now is the time to stop and reflect on what I am thankful for.

Time to get the paper and start planning for tomorrow!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Hello Mad Mathmaticians

I mentioned here yesterday that I finished 
Hooray Hoorah!

Thought I'd take this Math Monday to share
some of the fun stuff inside.
All of these activities your students can return to
over and over and over!
They can continually practice their skills all month.
Students use cards and dice for most of the
activities and games.
There is NO PREP for these activities!
You can slide them in a page protector
and use dry erase markers if you'd like to save on paper.

In this activity students make two digit numbers 
with dice or cards. They write their numbers in the milk cups
and then numbers that come before and after in the cookies.

In the "Doubles Workshop" students roll and color the graph
to see what double they can make the most of.

To use "Santa's Sacks" the kiddos will 
roll a dice or pick a card to get a number.
They write the number in Santa's beard and 
then make number sentences in the sacks 
that equal the beard number.

In "Fa La La La Fact Families" students practice
their fact families skills.

"Lights Out!" is a super fun game for practicing
3 addend addition.

The next few weeks will be crazy for all of us!
This should make your life a bit easier!

Math Monday will be taking a 
break through the December crazies!
See you back for more math goodness in 2014.
Of course I'll still be here writing random posts
about my teaching adventures!

 Link up with your math awesomeness!

I tried to get this up Friday and Saturday, 
but my life is cray cray (I love that word). 
Let's have a quick little Five for Friday. 

I am so excited to have finished this this week!
I really enjoy making these Math Workshop packets.
It's so great to have activities that kids can return to over and over.
Not just a one time deal around here!
The best part- no cutting.
This is all print and go...just add some cards and dice!
Check it out here.

We had a lot of fun in grade one making Thanksgiving placemats this week.
We read a few books about the Pilgrims and then generated a class
list of facts we know about the first Thanksgiving. 
The students chose three of the facts we had 
just written and wrote them on small squares. 
They then put these inside their "napkin.
The napkin was an 8 x 8 sheet of construction.
In the plate they drew any Thanksgiving picture they wanted.
Then they added the silverware.
We glued everything onto 11 x 18 paper and....
Voila- Quick little craft with lots of learning involved!

Looking for a last minute Thanksgiving activity?
We have two days of school this week so 
we will for sure be doing this.
This is FREE in my tpt shop!

My sweet friend Christy at Crayons & Whimsy 
is hosting a fabulous giveaway.
The winner receives a $100 gift card to Amazon.
Who wouldn't LOVE that at this time of year?!?
Be sure to enter today...it ends tomorrow!

I have an ugly confession....
I haven't read a book in well over a year.
I know it's sad.
I think the last book I read was The Daily Five.
With my three cute kids, my 23 school kids, 
my house to quasi manage, 
tpt-ing and blogging I just can't manage time for books. 
But...I had a mini epiphany the other day.
I should listen to audio books!
I used to do this all the time when I commuted a long distance.
Now I only drive 22 minutes.
Both ways thats 44 minutes of listening time.
So friends....I need some book suggestions!
Books I have read in the past before 
I became a read slacker include
The Hunger Games, The Help, The Book Thief
Basically anything that is a movie I've read.
Suggestions needed!

Welcome Back to Math Monday!

I imagine you all are in the throws of report cards, conferences, 
planning Thanksgiving and figuring out your Black Friday plan of attack!

I'm right there with you folks!
Our report cards are right around the corner, and
we have conferences in a few weeks.
I have my two oldest children's conferences next week...
I can't wait to hear how they are doing!

So in the sprit of Thanksgiving 
I am super thankful for all of you!
I started this blogging journey about 8 months ago 
and I am so grateful for each follower 
that visits me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.
You have no idea how much it means to me!

We are dabbling in three digit addition in first grade.
As a thank you I made a little color by number.
I love color by number!
And so do the kiddos!
It's a win-win.

Check out these other awesome bloggers too!
I am so thankful for each person who links up here.

What a week!
The week we introduce silent e to first graders is something else!
Or as we like to call him...Super E!
I feel like that is a major hurdle to exploding the reading code to kids.
But now they want to make every "a" a long sound.
Oy- first grade teacher problems.
Without further adieu...

To combat this new, strange and exciting silent e I whipped up a mini bit of
what will soon be a full new Phonics Printables.
Here is the LONG A FREEBIE!
Hopefully the full version will be coming at you next week!

Head here to check it out!

Of course I'm linking this up with my BBFF Molly for
her Fabulous Freebie on the Fifteenth.
Be sure to head to Lucky to be in First for more fabulous freebies!

I was so excited to make these adorable pumpkins this week.
Most kids did an awesome job. They are really starting to "get it"!
I have a few friends that need a lot of support though.
In the spirit of this craft I am extra thankful for my amazing assistant this year!
She happily assembled all of them.
Our class sizes are larger than usual so for the first time ever assistants were hired.
It's amazing to have an extra set of hands!
Mine even has the best British accent...everything is just "lovely".

We did this super cute activity about making 10 this week!
I saw this adorable freebie by A Cupcake for the Teacher and of course
pinned it to my math board right away!
Can I get a high 5 for this chart?
Probably one of my best ever!

Then I popped this up on the old ELMO.

Then the kids made their own to put in their 
math folders to keep forever more.

We are really getting into our Math Workshop November activities. 
I like to introduce these whole class or in small groups over the course of a week. 
Then the kids are ready to do them independently in our Math Workshop.
You can read more about how we do Math Workshop here.
I love these activities because there is no cutting involved!
Just add some dice and cards and you are ready to rock.
I like to laminate the pages or place in protective sleeves 
for repeated use.

Here's a little taste of what's inside.

 The kids are loving Thanksgiving Bump.

 Who doesn't need place value practice all the time?
Place Value Pie is a fun was to practice.
And every time you are making new numbers!

 It's Turkey Talk time.
A little greater than/ less than anyone?
This is awesome skill practice with the ole' hundred chart.

My class loves Pilgrim Polka!
Even and odd practice is always in order!

Head over to my tpt shop to check it out.
You'll have math centers, stations or tubs for the rest of this month in no time flat!
And Math Workshop December is in Santa's Workshop right now!
Should be here within a week.
Yay for early Christmas presents!

My blog friend Heather is having a fun giveaway over at her blog

I've hear these pencil sharpeners are the bomb!
Heather is giving one away!
Be sure to enter Heather's giveaway

Head on over to Doodlebugs Teaching for more
Five for Friday goodness!

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