Just another MATH MONDAY! with a GIVEAWAY!

O-o-o I wish it were Sunday...
O-o-o My I don't have to run day!
Ok..I'll stop now. Singing is not my thing.
Even over the internet where you can't hear me
I'm sure I am still hurting your ears!

Welcome back to Math Monday!

This month in math in my classroom our
curriculum maps are guiding us to focus our
instruction on 
So basically we are teaching everything
you really need in math this month.
In my opinion- if the Common Core people ever asked-
I think in grade one we should just focus on these 
Operations and Algebraic Thinking standards.
We could really do these all year long.
I think kids could wait for subsequent grades to learn
geometry, time, money, etc.

So off my soapbox!

One of the trickiest things I find for first graders
is understanding how the equal sign works.
I created a little mini unit to help my students and yours too!
Meet Carmine the Equal Sign....

Carmine LOVES all things equal!!
This mini unit includes 
- a reader for whole group or guided math groups
- practice balanced equation books for 1-5 and 6-10
- mini math booklet with equal sign story problems
- blank Carmine with suggestions for crafty usage
- memory game with mixed practice number sentences

Check Carmine out here.
He loves to be checked out...hehe!

Over the summer Carmine made some new friends!
She met Addy and Subby created by the super talented Lyndsey from

Addy and Subby are part of Lyndsey's Math Attack pack.
This baby is chock a block full of Common Core Aligned Addition & Subtraction goodness!
You can read more all about this great pack on Lyndsey's blog here.
You can check it out in her TpT shop here.

Addy, Subby and Carmine are all coming at you in a 

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  1. Carmine the Equal Sign is one of my favorite units! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creations!


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