Fall is a Ball!

Hey Pals!
It's Friday.
Linking up with Doodle Bugs to
join in the fun.

Does everyone feel like FINALLY 
things have come together in their classroom?
About 4 weeks ago I though I would NEVER say this or feel this way, 
but somehow/ someway we are 
doing Daily 5 successfully, running reading groups,
 enjoying math workshops and
remembering all the routines and structures of the classroom. 
Ahhhh! Can you hear the choir of angels? 
It isn't perfect be any means, 
but I did work with two struggling readers yesterday with my 
back to the rest of the class doing Daily 5 
and everyone did what they were supposed to! 
Seriously an amazing accomplishment!

As much as I love love love summer 
I'll take fall too!
My birthday is in this season and it's 
beautiful and crunchy and brisk.
I love the opportunities fall brings to the classroom
 for art and writing!

Those paintings are done with q-tips!
This is great because it is a low mess activity,
but kids still get to use the coveted paint!

If you like the writing prompt page it's a
 for you!

Click here to snag it!

This week has been all about 
place value in math.
To me it seems early to be
introducing this concept. 
But, people cooler and smarter than me 
say it's good to teach it early in the year.
So we forged on....and the kids
surprisingly did ok.
We will be revisiting place value again
and again this year I am sure!
I love Cara Carroll's Place Value Packet!
In all our place value busy-ness I 
got just one picture! Whoops!

I am so excited for this little Target find.
It was about $3 for 24.
What a deal!
We call these "follow fingers".
The kids were so excited to read the
decodable readers.
Sorry to call them boring, but after reading
them for about 7 years they lose
their excitement a little...hehe.

It's Coming!
This Monday launches a little something called...

This is a linky party & some insta hashtag fun!
It can be ANYTHING math related. 
anchor charts...games...crafts...
I know there are a million wonderful ideas out there! 
I can't wait to be inspired by you all!
You can link up here at "A Burst of First" on Monday with 
a blog post or share some pics 
on instagram using #mathmonday

Grab the button for your blog!

Have a wonderful LONG weekend!


  1. Place value can be a tough one to teach in first!
    =) Jennifer
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Can't wait to link up on Monday! Love the idea of this linky! I'm going to write up a post now!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. They moved place value to earlier in the year for us to this year... but after a bit of practice the kids seem to be getting it :) I agree, I finally feel like the classroom is running the way I want it to! It makes October my favorite... fall + smooth running classroom = happy teacher :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  4. Its very variety, subtlety, and utterly irrational, idiomatic complexity makes it possible to say things in English which simply cannot be said in any other language.

  5. I love the writing freebie! Thanks so much for sharing. :)


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