All in the Family

Do you all love a good trend?
I love to see what comes and goes with kids...and grown-ups too.
This year the rainbow loom bracelet is all the rage!
It's the 21st century friendship bracelet. 
And I love them as much as the kids!

As a teacher I've seen interactive notebooks 
becoming the newest thing. 
And again- I love them!
What a genius way for students to hold onto their learning.
How often do we do a worksheet, 
send it home and the skill is gone?
With the interactive notebook the learning stays 
contained and kids can go back to their notebooks over and over. 

There are so many wonderful interactive notebooks
 out there for reading comprehension, but I wasn't seeing much for 
basic everyday phonics practice. 
In first grade we need A LOT of phonics practice!
In the spirit of welcoming new friends 
(since I have a new student Monday)
Let's welcome the 

This product covers 31 short vowel word families.
There are 2 interactive activities for each word family.

Every word family has dictation practice.

After the dictation practice there is an additional activity.
It is one of the following 4 options. 
Peek a Boo Pictures
lift the flap & write the word underneath
Pocket Pals
insert the rectangles into the pocket
Flip Flap
cut, fold and write the words on the back
Peek a Boo Words
write the word & draw the picture underneath
Of course I wouldn't leave you hanging with a cute cover &
some additional detailed instructions within the packet.

Head here to check it out!
20% through tonight!
Sunday 10.20

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for 

Prep those posts my bloggy friends...
like you have nothing else to do today, right?
The pile of laundry in the basement 
is laughing at me as I type this!

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  1. These are incredible! I have already purchased & printed my copy of All in the Family and I am planning them out now! Thanks for creating such a useful product for short vowel families - you can NEVER have enough practice with those tricky sounds!

    Lucky to Be in First


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