Howdy Everyone!
We've made it to another Math Monday!
Just think in 5 short days it will be Friday and 
all will be right with the world once again.
Although we do have to get through Halloween.
We can do this!
Who else has a movie planned for Friday?

Last week we did a fun doubles activity I'd like to share with you.

I thought of this idea on my ride to work.
That ride is truly my best thinking time and 
really the only quiet I get during the day.
Twenty-two 6/7 year olds all day and three kids
under the age of 5 at home.
Peace and quiet is a thing I may not see
for years to come!

So anyways...
We made doubles spiders!!
The kids put an even amount of legs on each side and 
represented their work with a number sentence. 

Lucky loo for all of you!
This is FREE on my facebook page
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Something to keep your kiddos quiet and subdued
on Friday after the Halloween hysteria. 

Sarah at A Sunny Day in First Grade wrote a great post
last week about the fun doubles stuff they have been doing in her classroom.
I have been loving her doubles posters this week!

Enjoy my friends and Happy Monday!
Maybe if we are all lucky I'll squeeze another post 
in this week!

O-o-o I wish it were Sunday...
O-o-o My I don't have to run day!
Ok..I'll stop now. Singing is not my thing.
Even over the internet where you can't hear me
I'm sure I am still hurting your ears!

Welcome back to Math Monday!

This month in math in my classroom our
curriculum maps are guiding us to focus our
instruction on 
So basically we are teaching everything
you really need in math this month.
In my opinion- if the Common Core people ever asked-
I think in grade one we should just focus on these 
Operations and Algebraic Thinking standards.
We could really do these all year long.
I think kids could wait for subsequent grades to learn
geometry, time, money, etc.

So off my soapbox!

One of the trickiest things I find for first graders
is understanding how the equal sign works.
I created a little mini unit to help my students and yours too!
Meet Carmine the Equal Sign....

Carmine LOVES all things equal!!
This mini unit includes 
- a reader for whole group or guided math groups
- practice balanced equation books for 1-5 and 6-10
- mini math booklet with equal sign story problems
- blank Carmine with suggestions for crafty usage
- memory game with mixed practice number sentences

Check Carmine out here.
He loves to be checked out...hehe!

Over the summer Carmine made some new friends!
She met Addy and Subby created by the super talented Lyndsey from

Addy and Subby are part of Lyndsey's Math Attack pack.
This baby is chock a block full of Common Core Aligned Addition & Subtraction goodness!
You can read more all about this great pack on Lyndsey's blog here.
You can check it out in her TpT shop here.

Addy, Subby and Carmine are all coming at you in a 

Don't forget to link up your marvelous

Do you all love a good trend?
I love to see what comes and goes with kids...and grown-ups too.
This year the rainbow loom bracelet is all the rage!
It's the 21st century friendship bracelet. 
And I love them as much as the kids!

As a teacher I've seen interactive notebooks 
becoming the newest thing. 
And again- I love them!
What a genius way for students to hold onto their learning.
How often do we do a worksheet, 
send it home and the skill is gone?
With the interactive notebook the learning stays 
contained and kids can go back to their notebooks over and over. 

There are so many wonderful interactive notebooks
 out there for reading comprehension, but I wasn't seeing much for 
basic everyday phonics practice. 
In first grade we need A LOT of phonics practice!
In the spirit of welcoming new friends 
(since I have a new student Monday)
Let's welcome the 

This product covers 31 short vowel word families.
There are 2 interactive activities for each word family.

Every word family has dictation practice.

After the dictation practice there is an additional activity.
It is one of the following 4 options. 
Peek a Boo Pictures
lift the flap & write the word underneath
Pocket Pals
insert the rectangles into the pocket
Flip Flap
cut, fold and write the words on the back
Peek a Boo Words
write the word & draw the picture underneath
Of course I wouldn't leave you hanging with a cute cover &
some additional detailed instructions within the packet.

Head here to check it out!
20% through tonight!
Sunday 10.20

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for 

Prep those posts my bloggy friends...
like you have nothing else to do today, right?
The pile of laundry in the basement 
is laughing at me as I type this!

Hello There!
Welcome to the first Math Monday everyone!
I created this linky party because I know you all have a million 
wonderful, exciting and innovative math ideas and 
I thought it would be great to share them in one spot. 
I am always so inspired by the things 
I see going on in classrooms all over the world. 
The whole blogger/ tpt/ pinterest world has changed me as a teacher
and inspired me to try many new, fun and exciting things.
 You can link up with anything you are doing or have done in math. 
It can be an anchor chart, a game, a printable, a new idea, a craft...
you name it- we want to see it!

Grab this image for your blog!

Link up at the bottom of this post!
Don't forget to join on instagram too...

And now for some good 'ole content...
In my classroom I run a Math Workshop model.
I based it loosely off the main tenants of the Daily 5.
The most important part (I think) 
is that given choice in their learning kids
will be more invested in the process.
This ideal has changed my classroom so much.
Just the other day I actually had reading groups during Daily 5 with 
my back turned to the class and I had no problems.
It was a little slice of heaven!

Back to Math Workshop!
My students have 4 areas they can choose from
Math Facts
Math Games
Fun with Numbers
Math with Technology

Let's take a little tour...shall we?

Math Workshop is located on the bottom shelves under our book bins.
These shelves are about a million years old
and need a serious paint job.
I couldn't quite get them all in one picture,
but there are 4 sets of shelves....
one for each math workshop area!

Let's start with 

What are all those things on the shelf you ask?
Let's go exploring...

Bears & Scoopers
We scoop 3 times and add them together.
Grab the freebie recording sheet here.

 Dollar Spot Write & Wipe Cards

Big Dice & Stamps
This is a fan favorite!
The kids simply roll two dice and stamp out their number sentence.
It's the little things, right?


Wipe- Clean Workbooks.
The kids go ga-ga for these too!
They love this one all.year.long.
I got these in the Dollar Spot at Target.

Adding zero and adding one pages.
They simply roll the dice or pick a card and 
+0 or +1.
Simple, but MUCH needed practice
for my little guys and dolls. 
These pages can be found here.

And now let's mosey over to

"What Comes Next?" spinner game by
the one and only Cara Carroll.
These are from her 

I love puzzles!
You love puzzles!
We all love puzzles!

Criss Cross Applesauce
Roll the dice and X out the number.
Last one to X out the number is the winner.

Leafin' Even and Appley Odd
Roll the fancy 10 sided dice and write the number
in the even leaf or odd apple.

Fall Fun!
This is a counting game.
Lots and lots of counting practice
going on here.

Falling Apples
This is a cute apple style 
roll and cover game.

Time to pop over to 

These are poker chips will numbers on them.
The kids pick one of each color and them put them in
order from least to greatest or greatest to least.

I got these mini party cups at the Dollar Store.
I wrote numbers on the bottom of them with Sharpie.
The kids put the correct number of beans in each cup.
So simple, but they LOVE it.
First graders are easy to please!

Picture Graphing
There are 3 different pictures kids can graph.
These are in my Math Workshop September.

Clothespins and Cards.
These are a great freebie by 

Receipt tape!
Kids love writing their numbers as high
as they can go on receipt tape.
I wish I got to do that in first grade.

Hundreds Chart with Number Tiles
This has been a favorite in my class for eons.
I think I got this manipulative my first year of teaching 
and 8 years of kids have loved it!

And lastly
This area doesn't have a big shelf to share because there are only two 
pencils boxes filled with....
Hot Dots!
I just got these this year and the kids LOVE them!
Such fun!
Also at Math with Technology the kids can go
to the computer and do XtraMath.
I will also be introducing the iPads to the class soon
and we will get to use these during our Math Workshop time.

If you like the Math Workshop signs I have in my room
they are a freebie in my TPT shop. 

Many of the activities you saw in the grand tour were

These activities are all PRINT & GO!
You just need to add dice and/or cards and you are ready
to start your own Math Workshop.

With Halloween right around the corner I'll be 
switching over to 
It has all sorts of fun 
activities for your little ghosts and ghouls!

I am also super pysched to print off Monster Mania
by my good friend Molly at Lucky to be in First.
This product is monster themed, but has so many
great math activities you can do all year!

 It's going to be monster-iffic in first grade in the next couple weeks!

I am so excited to read your posts and find out
the fun and exciting math goodness going on
here, there and everywhere!

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