September Swap and Share- Lucky to Be in First is Amazeballs!

Bonjour Pals!

I am psyched to be coming to you today with a super cool product swap!

I was paired up with my bloggy fave Molly from Lucky to be in First.

It's serendipitous how we keep crossing paths.
This friendship was for sure meant to be.

There are so many great products of Molly's 
to choose from that I couldn't pick just one.
What I love the very most about Molly's products 
is that many of them you can use all year long!
I think she is a very savvy creator of amazing products 
because she's thinking about you and 
wanting you to get the most out of her products.
 all. year. long.

So since I couldn't choose just 1 or 2 to share I've picked...
They are all so good I had to tell you about each one.
And I am using each and everyone in my classroom this year!
I have named 2013-2014 my "Molly Lynch" year.

This product is a whole bunch of lists for your students 
to use at Work on Writing or at a writing center.
So often kids just don't know what to write about for a list.
No more lollygagging for your kiddos!
These are all set for you neat and tidy 
and ready to go!

There is a humungo amount of lists to choose from!
Anything from words that start with to your favorite animals
to my personal favorite your favorite candy!

These are perfection for your Word Work area.
There are about a billion..ok 18... great activities for Word Work.
My class has loved backwards spelling and
pencil, crayon and marker writing thus far.

If you are a Daily Fiver this product will make Work Work
exciting for your students all year.
I know last year Word Work got a little stagnant 
as the year wore on.
It didn't get visited very much.
Things got know how it goes!
Well not this year! 
You can change these activities around every few weeks and
keep your student on their toes and excited for Word Work.
If you aren't a Daily Fiver (which btw you should be!)
these would work great in any spelling center also!

I am so excited to use this product this year!
I have been searching for a spelling dictionary for ages 
and this one is perfect. 
It has great pages for referencing 
months, days, holidays, numbers 
and more!
Then it also has a page for each letter with common sight words
and then loads of lines for your students to write in words they need.
I had to snaggle some pics from Molly's page 
because my dictionaries are being made right now. Yay!

I just can't wait to get this into my students' hands!
I know they will feel so empowered because all the words
they need will be literally at their fingertips.

Ever need 7 silent minutes in your day?
This is the perfect product to keep your students
engaged with you catch your breath!
Students work through levels of math facts to 
practice those super important 
addition and subtraction skills.
They do their warm-up all silently and independently...
Ahh! Bliss!
Today was our first day doing it and my class did awesome.
I can already tell this will be a fan favorite for my class!
Here's a little friend rockin' and a rollin'!

I could continue to go on and on about how great Molly is!
There are two other great products she's created that I haven't delved into
just yet in our first grade classroom.
But, I am 100% certain when we do they will go as great
as her other superb creations!

Check out this post to learn all about Molly's
brandy new math fact practice program.
Oh, and there's an app coming for it.
Cutting edge that gal!
Click to check it out!

Come December/ January when my first grade caterpillars
have blossomed into beautiful butterflies I am sure 
Molly's B.A.T. Book 
will be my new bestie!
This is a book for your students to hop into when they
are having an "I'm Done" moment. 
Read more about B.A.T. books here.
Head here to check them out.
B.A.T. Books
Now that I've fawned over Molly be sure to check
out these other fabulous teacher bloggers
and the Swap & Share fun they had.

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