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Hi Friendily Friends!

I made it through week one! That in and of itself is cause to celebrate! By Thursday everything hurt. 
I forgot how physically exhausting it all is. 
Every bone and muscle were rudely awakened to reality this week....ouch! 

My class is a lively bunch, but sweet and cute and will be under my spell in no time (wink). I always like to start the year with no specific behavior plan in sight. I like to have a bit of a chance to read the kids. Well...I read them and by day three this was up.

They really responded well to it and I noticed on day four many kids were really trying to control their behaviors. Next week we will for sure be introducing Behavior Charts. 

Simply put the large picture up and add the little pictures until you reach whatever goal you set with your students. We will probably be hoping to get 10 items this week. I add the items to the large picture for lining up quick and quiet, great lines in the hall, coming to the rug quietly, working at their tables get the picture. Basically anytime I am asking the whole class to do something we can earn a little picture. Check out my behavior charts here.

I am loving my new mailbox set up this year. 
It has never been this neat and orderly! 
Hooray for turning new leaves...

This is the bottom shelf. That cute little pencil cup was a cast off of my mom's when she retired from teaching. I use it as my sharpened pencil bin. I get asked if it is made out of real pencils at least once a week! The star bin is where the unsharpened pencil go. Are you ready to see whats in those drawers. I'm sure you already know since they are so clearly labeled (be still my heart).
It is like my birthday and Christmas in there....

Can you hear the school supply gods singing a chorus of praises for millions of 
pencils, erasers and gluesticks?!?!
I'm not sure I have a picture of one thing we actually "did" in first grade this week, but those school supply shots totally make up for it!

A parent also sent me this very large and beautiful order of school supplies from Staples...
I've died and gone to heaven!

I haven't gotten around to an official classroom tour quite yet, but I will. It may be October, but I will!
I do have a bulletin board that I am quite happy with this year.

Meet the Math Maniacs.
These Math {K}oncept Kids are here to visually aid your students to comprehend all the math concepts their little minds are supposed to hold. 
There are 18 posters in this pack.

There are also reference pages to include in your math folders or binders.

I got these nifty folders from Target this year that have three prongs so you can include a few page protector sheets right inside the folder. Score!

120 Chart (100 is so two years ago!)

Written numbers & count by support in 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s.

Mini Maniac pages!

These are smaller versions of the posters for the students to access when ever they 
need a little extra support.

Here's a preview of all the other goodies in Math Maniacs!

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I'll be picking a winner of Math Maniacs tomorrow night at 9:00 EST!

Time to plan and rest up for next week.
5 days of school...Yikes!
Daily Five starts Monday. Yay!
These two cuties start Monday too. PreK and K.

At least someone in out family is lucky enough to stay home...for one more year!
It's the little one, not my husband. Hehe!

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  1. Love the math maniacs! And because you didn't actually say, is it made of real pencils? ;) Either way, cute cup!

    Teaching in the Tongass

  2. Wow - those drawers are like a teacher's paradise! How generous of that parent to send you in so many goodies! Math Maniacs looks amazing! The kids are going to love having that as a resource to use! Your hard work totally paid off! Rest up - you need to tell them all how to use it tomorrow!!


  3. Aren't receiving supplies so exciting? I had someone bring in paper towels the first day, and it put a smile on my face! Is pre-K at school? You commented on my post about JK and SK. In Ontario (Canada) we have students every day in a mix JK/SK class. So some of little JKs start at age 3 (turning 4 before Jan 1st)- making my kiddos between 3-5 in my class. Then my SKs will move on to grade 1 next September. Is this similar to Pre-K and K? Also, love the Math Maniacs, wish I could enter the contest, but Facebook has banned me from liking (I have liked too many pages). Ha, ha! Enjoy your first full week!

    Growing Kidlets -

    1. I was banned from liking too! Craziness!

  4. Those Math Maniac packets are genius! I would love to win! Am a fan on facebook!

  5. I love the math maniac packets! I would love to win! I am a fan on facebook.

  6. I love the math maniac packs! What an awesome idea. I have been a follower for a while on bloglovin and facebook.

  7. LOVE the math pack! I could teach math all day :)
    Wish listing FB for me :(
    My Second Sense

  8. I love new school supplies! It's like Christmas in September!

    We were excited to find your blog through Fifth in the Middle's state blogging list. We are also Massachusetts bloggers. Would love if you stopped by.

    The Rungs of Reading

  9. Found your post on Five for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading


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