Mini Classroom Tour- part one

Howdy Folks!

I've been mentioning a classroom tour, 
but I've been a little wishy washy about it. 
My classroom starts off the year a bit stark because 
I like the students to be involved in the process 
of putting things on the walls. 
I also don't use some areas right away so they tend to be a 
bit of a wasteland in the beginning of the year. 
But here we are in late September...already? 
And things are starting to come together...
both in the physical space and with my students too!

Don't just sit there....come on in!

Let's start in the library.
We love our class library.
I've been fortunate enough to be the recipient of many 
retired teachers books through the years.
But, I always want more!
I've already scoured Scholastic this month...
C'mon points!

I just taught my class how to shop for books the other day and 
they were psyched to dive into the white bins filled 
with Accelerated Reader leveled books.
I let them choose from all the bins in the beginning of the year 
because they are all mostly reading from the pictures right now. 
Later in the year they need to choose more from their level. 
Currently the guideline is they need 
8 books where they are reading the pictures
 and 2 books where they are reading the words. 

Later in the year the guideline is 5 and 5. 
I pop decodables and other readers in their boxes 
throughout the year too.

All books that are series or specific authors are in the yellow bins.
AR books are in the top bins.

This nifty rolling cart was in the hall as a freebie the other day.
I never get cool scores like this.
This will for sure be getting a spray paint. 
I'm thinking red or yellow...shocking, huh?

Let's mosey over to check out some of my other little areas.
I am psyched that I've whittled Listen to Reading down to 
one wooden crate this year.
I'm really pushing for some iPods this year to get
rid of my wicked awesome discmans (in that blue crate).
I've loaded up on books on cd from Scholastic through the years.

 And here's Word Work.

I love these colorful carts. I got mine at Michaels.
They are on sale often and then you can use a coupon
or teacher card with them for a deal!
The drawers are full of a variety of choices, 
but that's another post for another day!
I just popped upon these awesome Word Family Lists 
Freebie on TPT today!
Don't you love when that happens!?!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my room.
Part two is coming soon!

Here's just a little fun photo from an awesome
 family festival we went to yesterday!
The "Life is Good" company puts on an amazing 
weekend of food, frolic, fun and amazing music too!
We saw the amazing Jack Johnson.
If you live in New England put this on your bucket list!


  1. Maybe next year I can come to town for Life is Good!! You need to write a grant and get some ipods, my friend. Do your kids even know what a cd is?!? I love your library - what a great selection of books you have! Definitely spray that cart - or use that fun duct tape!



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