Five for Sunderday

Happy Sunday Everyone!

The terror of the week ahead is setting in...
laundry to put away, lunches to make, clothes to get ready, lessons to plan...ack! 
Where does the weekend go?
But, I had to write a little something for my faithful followers before 
I start getting things into shape around here. 
I'd really like to pick a bone with the creator of the weekend- 
whoever thought 2 days off was a good amount. 
I think 3 should be the minimum. 
I just can't seem to squeeze it all into 2! How about you? 
Now if I just had to kick back and rest and hangout I could for sure manage 2 days. 
But, all the planning and prepping for the week ahead is a job in itself!

We had a great first full week in first grade. 
Granted by Friday I couldn't remember anything about Monday, but nonetheless it was a good one. 
We are getting into the routines and structures of our classroom. 
I love after the first 10 days or so when they all come in and 
know where to put their folder, notes, lunchbox, etc. 
That's a hurdle in and of itself! 
We've been doing lots of reviewing of vowels and consonants. 
In math we are just reviewing basic number sense, writing numbers and a wee bit of addition. 
My class this year is sweet, but we have a lot of work ahead of us! 

We did some great activities this week I'd love to share with you!

We had a good time with this Find-A-Friend activity from the Inspired Apple.

We counted baggies full of items and recorded them on our recording sheet. 
I think we will do this again this week and actually put less of each item in the bag. 
It was a good assessment to see where the class was globally in their counting ability. 
I am interested to see how they'll do when we take it down a notch.

We made these super fun crayon people by Cara Carroll as well!

We made these torn paper names and I love them so much 
I laminated them to hang up for the year!
I am going to take pictures of the kids this week to put with 
these so I will hopefully show you the whole thing soon.

I love Cara Carroll's "What's My Number?" activities. 

We did some serious sight word practice with these awesome sight word superheroes 
by The Imagination Nook. 
Check them out here.
The kids loved them!

We got our Phonics Dance on big time! 
I love love love this program.
It really makes phonics {ph}un!


I usually hold out on homework with my students until after our Curriculum Night. 
I made it through that hurdle this week so homework time it is! 
I am doing things a bit differently this year. 
Students will get a sheet with a whole bunch of math and spelling activities. 
They choose 3 spelling and 2 math for the week. 
They record what they have done in their homework notebook and bring to school each Friday. 
They are also responsible for reading 15-20 minutes each night. 
I am going to use Christina Bainbridge's 100 Book Club to encourage this!

I am offering to you my
Snazzy Spelling Homework and my Mad for Math Homework Choices
as today's Freebie on the Fifteenth hosted by Lucky to Be in First.
Hope you enjoy!
Head here to check it out!

In other unrelated non-school news....
This guy started soccer on Saturday!
Don't you love the neon?

I'm happy to be linking up with two super gals.


  1. Holy smokes that is one bright uniform for T's team! My goodness. Is their name the boogers? Wouldn't that be awesome!?!?! Maybe I can make that my classroom masoct. "C'mon boogers, time to line up!" I don't think I could do it without cracking up each time!

    LOVE the homework ideas! Totally gonna find a way to fit that in this year! What is this Phancy Phonics Dance? Do tell!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Deirde,

    Wow! This post is full of so many great ideas! I can't wait to try the counting activity. I was a bit frightened when I first started looking over my kiddos number assessments, but I have to remember that the year just began. Have a great week!


  3. Loved the crayon people!!! THis would be a nice classroom decoration for English Language Learners.


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