Five for Friday- Birthday Style!

It's here...
Hold out to until the bottom of this post to find out why I
am loving this weekend!
I am of course linking up with Doodle Bugs for
Five for Friday.

We had an appletastic week in grade one!
I think just about every primary teacher and their cousin
taught with apples this week.
We had so much fun we will be stretching it into next week too!
There is just so much I couldn't squeeze it into one week.
We will be revisiting apples again next week in grade one!
I thought I took more pictures, but things got a little crazy
with paint so I guess it slipped my mind!

I love the Inspired Apple's Interactive Thematic Apples and Pumpkin notebook.
We will be using it a ton in the next months!

As I mentioned things got crazy with the paint!
These kids had never made apple prints before!
They loved every messy, crazy second of this art project!

We FINALLY have things under way with both the
Daily Five and Math Workshop.
My class really enjoyed Math Workshop September.

My sweet friend Molly and I did a product swap and
she wrote the sweetest things about 
Math Workshop September
I hope you'll check it out!

But come Tuesday we all know a new month is upon us!
How did that happen so fast?

And now it is time for 
Math Workshop October.

These are ten games and activities that are truly PRINT & GO!
As a mom to three little ones I really don't have a ton
of extra time to be laminating and cutting.
So I created these so they can go 
from the printer to my class in seconds.
There are also only a few activities in color so it's gentle
on your printer. 

Here are some of the fun activities your kiddos will enjoy
as we come upon the Halloween season!
Can you feel their craziness creeping in?

There are three pictures for students to 
count, tally and graph the objects in.

I love this Fall Fun game!
The adorable candy corn and ghosts are by my
Alaskan teacher friend Jen who blogs at

I know my class is going to love this fun spinner game.
They need to spin and then add 2 to their answer.
Sum Ghosts!
Get it?
This is just a sampler platter of what's inside.
I hope you'll check out more about it in my TPT store
Be sure you read on to see if Math Workshop is on sale this weekend!

As I mentioned the Daily Five is chugging along!
They finally got a chance to "choose" this week!
I just loved seeing them all so engaged and on task.
It made my teacher heart SMILE!
Here's everyone Word Working it up!

typing (on old keyboards)...stamping...whiteboards....chalk....
so much more fun than when I was in school!

Selfish Club
I am off to Selfish Club on Sunday night! 
What's this you ask?
Here's how it works...
Get a group of 12ish gal pals together. 
Everyone opens their home once a month.
You gather, have drinks and yummy snacks that everyone brings.
Here's the selfish part...
Everyone give the host $20.
The host then must spend all this money
 from everyone on herself!
Not on kids or groceries or bills...just on HER!
Maybe you need new boots, jewelry,
iPhone 5C (yes please!), clothes, a spa day...
Whatever... but it must be just for you!
Then when you get together the next month she shares with 
everyone what she did with her selfish money! 
Then the new host gets her dough...
Best idea ever, huh?
A friend of a friend does it so
myself and my friends knew we had to 
implement it.

It's my birthday weekend!
My special day is Saturday, 
but I'm going to make the whole weekend mine.
Today is actually my husband's birthday.
We have next door neighbor birthdays
so we knew it was meant to be!
To celebrate all this birthday fun I am
holding a 20% off sale in my

Off to soccer and an apple festival!
Have a great weekend folks!


  1. I love the idea of a selfish party. Sounds like fun! Hope your birthday weekend is the best!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my BBF! You are the best & deserve a great day/month/week/year! Give JD a big birthday hug for me!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Thanks for the shout out! And I hope your birthday is going FABULOUS!!! I am currently thinking of friends to tell about the selfish party...I wonder if this wouldn't make a fun linky like the slant box?

    Teaching in the Tongass

  4. Oh my goodness! I love selfish night :) Hope you have the happiest of birthdays :)
    Three Cheers for First Grade

  5. I love the Selfish Party!! :) Have a happy, happy, happy birthday!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade


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