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It's time! 
I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade to share this months Currently.

I'm listening to crickets right now because its 6:06 and I've been up since 4:11!!!
That's crazy, right?
My darling 3 year old woke me up because she wanted to know if we could play play dough after breakfast. Clearly this was an important discussion point before the sun rose! 
So I thought I'd get a jump on the list of 300,000 things I need to accomplish today.
So the crickets and I are enjoying a nice early morning together.
The general jist of this Currently seems to be one of panic!
I still have lots to do today to prepare for school TOMMORROW!!
Thankfully my own children don't start their schools (K and preK) until the 9th.
This gives me a week to get my head on straight before 
school, hockey, soccer and dance start!!
And that's only for 2 children- the third is too little for those things.
I'm in for it!!

I'm psyched to share with you all what I am loving...
from Timbuk2.
I did spend a little bit of a fortune on it, but I know we will have a long run together!
I was looking for something that would hold my computer, camera and the files and
 such I bring home and never touch {wink}.
And without further adieu here she is....

...and by laptop I meant iPod #toolazytogobackandfix
The very coolest part about this little number is that Timbuk2 has a design your own bag option so I got to choose the fabrics for each panel, the piping, the inside and the logo. I just love it!
 know this bag and my EC planner are going to make this year the best! Right?

Summer is just about over.
Instead of crying I am going to celebrate.
I feel so lucky to have gained so many awesome followers this summer!
I now have 400 followers on bloglovin' and over 500 followers on Instagram.
I am so amazed and excited.
I'll never forgot how excited I was when I haD 1 follower...never mind 400.
With all this back to school nervousness and 
follower excitement I decided it 
 is time for a giveaway and a sale!

Fill out this Rafflecopter to enter!


  1. Love the new bag! I have a Haiku bag that is very similar with a ton of space and not having to carry multiple bags to work!

    Teaching in the Tongass

  2. I like your three things for yourself... not getting sick is a great goal this month :) Hope you have a good day!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  3. I hope your daughter got to play with her play dough after breakfast :) Love the bag...good luck with your to do list!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition


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