It's here...
Hold out to until the bottom of this post to find out why I
am loving this weekend!
I am of course linking up with Doodle Bugs for
Five for Friday.

We had an appletastic week in grade one!
I think just about every primary teacher and their cousin
taught with apples this week.
We had so much fun we will be stretching it into next week too!
There is just so much I couldn't squeeze it into one week.
We will be revisiting apples again next week in grade one!
I thought I took more pictures, but things got a little crazy
with paint so I guess it slipped my mind!

I love the Inspired Apple's Interactive Thematic Apples and Pumpkin notebook.
We will be using it a ton in the next months!

As I mentioned things got crazy with the paint!
These kids had never made apple prints before!
They loved every messy, crazy second of this art project!

We FINALLY have things under way with both the
Daily Five and Math Workshop.
My class really enjoyed Math Workshop September.

My sweet friend Molly and I did a product swap and
she wrote the sweetest things about 
Math Workshop September
I hope you'll check it out!

But come Tuesday we all know a new month is upon us!
How did that happen so fast?

And now it is time for 
Math Workshop October.

These are ten games and activities that are truly PRINT & GO!
As a mom to three little ones I really don't have a ton
of extra time to be laminating and cutting.
So I created these so they can go 
from the printer to my class in seconds.
There are also only a few activities in color so it's gentle
on your printer. 

Here are some of the fun activities your kiddos will enjoy
as we come upon the Halloween season!
Can you feel their craziness creeping in?

There are three pictures for students to 
count, tally and graph the objects in.

I love this Fall Fun game!
The adorable candy corn and ghosts are by my
Alaskan teacher friend Jen who blogs at

I know my class is going to love this fun spinner game.
They need to spin and then add 2 to their answer.
Sum Ghosts!
Get it?
This is just a sampler platter of what's inside.
I hope you'll check out more about it in my TPT store
Be sure you read on to see if Math Workshop is on sale this weekend!

As I mentioned the Daily Five is chugging along!
They finally got a chance to "choose" this week!
I just loved seeing them all so engaged and on task.
It made my teacher heart SMILE!
Here's everyone Word Working it up!

typing (on old keyboards)...stamping...whiteboards....chalk....
so much more fun than when I was in school!

Selfish Club
I am off to Selfish Club on Sunday night! 
What's this you ask?
Here's how it works...
Get a group of 12ish gal pals together. 
Everyone opens their home once a month.
You gather, have drinks and yummy snacks that everyone brings.
Here's the selfish part...
Everyone give the host $20.
The host then must spend all this money
 from everyone on herself!
Not on kids or groceries or bills...just on HER!
Maybe you need new boots, jewelry,
iPhone 5C (yes please!), clothes, a spa day...
Whatever... but it must be just for you!
Then when you get together the next month she shares with 
everyone what she did with her selfish money! 
Then the new host gets her dough...
Best idea ever, huh?
A friend of a friend does it so
myself and my friends knew we had to 
implement it.

It's my birthday weekend!
My special day is Saturday, 
but I'm going to make the whole weekend mine.
Today is actually my husband's birthday.
We have next door neighbor birthdays
so we knew it was meant to be!
To celebrate all this birthday fun I am
holding a 20% off sale in my

Off to soccer and an apple festival!
Have a great weekend folks!

Bonjour Pals!

I am psyched to be coming to you today with a super cool product swap!

I was paired up with my bloggy fave Molly from Lucky to be in First.

It's serendipitous how we keep crossing paths.
This friendship was for sure meant to be.

There are so many great products of Molly's 
to choose from that I couldn't pick just one.
What I love the very most about Molly's products 
is that many of them you can use all year long!
I think she is a very savvy creator of amazing products 
because she's thinking about you and 
wanting you to get the most out of her products.
 all. year. long.

So since I couldn't choose just 1 or 2 to share I've picked...
They are all so good I had to tell you about each one.
And I am using each and everyone in my classroom this year!
I have named 2013-2014 my "Molly Lynch" year.

This product is a whole bunch of lists for your students 
to use at Work on Writing or at a writing center.
So often kids just don't know what to write about for a list.
No more lollygagging for your kiddos!
These are all set for you neat and tidy 
and ready to go!

There is a humungo amount of lists to choose from!
Anything from words that start with to your favorite animals
to my personal favorite your favorite candy!

These are perfection for your Word Work area.
There are about a billion..ok 18... great activities for Word Work.
My class has loved backwards spelling and
pencil, crayon and marker writing thus far.

If you are a Daily Fiver this product will make Work Work
exciting for your students all year.
I know last year Word Work got a little stagnant 
as the year wore on.
It didn't get visited very much.
Things got dusty...you know how it goes!
Well not this year! 
You can change these activities around every few weeks and
keep your student on their toes and excited for Word Work.
If you aren't a Daily Fiver (which btw you should be!)
these would work great in any spelling center also!

I am so excited to use this product this year!
I have been searching for a spelling dictionary for ages 
and this one is perfect. 
It has great pages for referencing 
months, days, holidays, numbers 
and more!
Then it also has a page for each letter with common sight words
and then loads of lines for your students to write in words they need.
I had to snaggle some pics from Molly's page 
because my dictionaries are being made right now. Yay!

I just can't wait to get this into my students' hands!
I know they will feel so empowered because all the words
they need will be literally at their fingertips.

Ever need 7 silent minutes in your day?
This is the perfect product to keep your students
engaged with you catch your breath!
Students work through levels of math facts to 
practice those super important 
addition and subtraction skills.
They do their warm-up all silently and independently...
Ahh! Bliss!
Today was our first day doing it and my class did awesome.
I can already tell this will be a fan favorite for my class!
Here's a little friend rockin' and a rollin'!

I could continue to go on and on about how great Molly is!
There are two other great products she's created that I haven't delved into
just yet in our first grade classroom.
But, I am 100% certain when we do they will go as great
as her other superb creations!

Check out this post to learn all about Molly's
brandy new math fact practice program.
Oh, and there's an app coming for it.
Cutting edge that gal!
Click to check it out!

Come December/ January when my first grade caterpillars
have blossomed into beautiful butterflies I am sure 
Molly's B.A.T. Book 
will be my new bestie!
This is a book for your students to hop into when they
are having an "I'm Done" moment. 
Read more about B.A.T. books here.
Head here to check them out.
B.A.T. Books
Now that I've fawned over Molly be sure to check
out these other fabulous teacher bloggers
and the Swap & Share fun they had.

Howdy Folks!

I've been mentioning a classroom tour, 
but I've been a little wishy washy about it. 
My classroom starts off the year a bit stark because 
I like the students to be involved in the process 
of putting things on the walls. 
I also don't use some areas right away so they tend to be a 
bit of a wasteland in the beginning of the year. 
But here we are in late September...already? 
And things are starting to come together...
both in the physical space and with my students too!

Don't just sit there....come on in!

Let's start in the library.
We love our class library.
I've been fortunate enough to be the recipient of many 
retired teachers books through the years.
But, I always want more!
I've already scoured Scholastic this month...
C'mon points!

I just taught my class how to shop for books the other day and 
they were psyched to dive into the white bins filled 
with Accelerated Reader leveled books.
I let them choose from all the bins in the beginning of the year 
because they are all mostly reading from the pictures right now. 
Later in the year they need to choose more from their level. 
Currently the guideline is they need 
8 books where they are reading the pictures
 and 2 books where they are reading the words. 

Later in the year the guideline is 5 and 5. 
I pop decodables and other readers in their boxes 
throughout the year too.

All books that are series or specific authors are in the yellow bins.
AR books are in the top bins.

This nifty rolling cart was in the hall as a freebie the other day.
I never get cool scores like this.
This will for sure be getting a spray paint. 
I'm thinking red or yellow...shocking, huh?

Let's mosey over to check out some of my other little areas.
I am psyched that I've whittled Listen to Reading down to 
one wooden crate this year.
I'm really pushing for some iPods this year to get
rid of my wicked awesome discmans (in that blue crate).
I've loaded up on books on cd from Scholastic through the years.

 And here's Word Work.

I love these colorful carts. I got mine at Michaels.
They are on sale often and then you can use a coupon
or teacher card with them for a deal!
The drawers are full of a variety of choices, 
but that's another post for another day!
I just popped upon these awesome Word Family Lists 
Freebie on TPT today!
Don't you love when that happens!?!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my room.
Part two is coming soon!

Here's just a little fun photo from an awesome
 family festival we went to yesterday!
The "Life is Good" company puts on an amazing 
weekend of food, frolic, fun and amazing music too!
We saw the amazing Jack Johnson.
If you live in New England put this on your bucket list!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

The terror of the week ahead is setting in...
laundry to put away, lunches to make, clothes to get ready, lessons to plan...ack! 
Where does the weekend go?
But, I had to write a little something for my faithful followers before 
I start getting things into shape around here. 
I'd really like to pick a bone with the creator of the weekend- 
whoever thought 2 days off was a good amount. 
I think 3 should be the minimum. 
I just can't seem to squeeze it all into 2! How about you? 
Now if I just had to kick back and rest and hangout I could for sure manage 2 days. 
But, all the planning and prepping for the week ahead is a job in itself!

We had a great first full week in first grade. 
Granted by Friday I couldn't remember anything about Monday, but nonetheless it was a good one. 
We are getting into the routines and structures of our classroom. 
I love after the first 10 days or so when they all come in and 
know where to put their folder, notes, lunchbox, etc. 
That's a hurdle in and of itself! 
We've been doing lots of reviewing of vowels and consonants. 
In math we are just reviewing basic number sense, writing numbers and a wee bit of addition. 
My class this year is sweet, but we have a lot of work ahead of us! 

We did some great activities this week I'd love to share with you!

We had a good time with this Find-A-Friend activity from the Inspired Apple.

We counted baggies full of items and recorded them on our recording sheet. 
I think we will do this again this week and actually put less of each item in the bag. 
It was a good assessment to see where the class was globally in their counting ability. 
I am interested to see how they'll do when we take it down a notch.

We made these super fun crayon people by Cara Carroll as well!

We made these torn paper names and I love them so much 
I laminated them to hang up for the year!
I am going to take pictures of the kids this week to put with 
these so I will hopefully show you the whole thing soon.

I love Cara Carroll's "What's My Number?" activities. 

We did some serious sight word practice with these awesome sight word superheroes 
by The Imagination Nook. 
Check them out here.
The kids loved them!

We got our Phonics Dance on big time! 
I love love love this program.
It really makes phonics {ph}un!


I usually hold out on homework with my students until after our Curriculum Night. 
I made it through that hurdle this week so homework time it is! 
I am doing things a bit differently this year. 
Students will get a sheet with a whole bunch of math and spelling activities. 
They choose 3 spelling and 2 math for the week. 
They record what they have done in their homework notebook and bring to school each Friday. 
They are also responsible for reading 15-20 minutes each night. 
I am going to use Christina Bainbridge's 100 Book Club to encourage this!

I am offering to you my
Snazzy Spelling Homework and my Mad for Math Homework Choices
as today's Freebie on the Fifteenth hosted by Lucky to Be in First.
Hope you enjoy!
Head here to check it out!

In other unrelated non-school news....
This guy started soccer on Saturday!
Don't you love the neon?

I'm happy to be linking up with two super gals.

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