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Hi Folks!
Sorry I've ben a little absent from my tiny corner of the web. We were away and while we've been home for a few days I think my brain was still on vacation! Time to get down to it though...I go back to school for teacher meetings/classroom set up on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we have a four day weekend (thank goodness) before the kids start the Tuesday after Labor Day. As always I'm a little happy and a little sad. My own children really need some routine back in their lives, but I could use a few more lazy mornings and eating lunch/using the bathroom whenever I want. I'm tired just thinking about how tired I will be that first week!
I've seen this funniness around Instagram the last few days.
Funny, but scarily true!

Our district gives us a day to set up, but as I'm sure is the same with many of you a day just isn't enough time! I've been to my room about four times this month working through closets and shelves like it's my job. That's funny because it really is my job. There is a big change for me this year. 
I went to tables instead of desks...HALLELUJAH! 
I've been wanting to do this for years! But with the tables comes a lot of reorganization. I also got rid of my teachers desk....
CAN I GET AN AMEN?!? And more reorganization!
There is a lot to share with these changes.
Hopefully once I start working in this newish space it will be all sunshine and rainbows and good news.
They'll be a witty and enticing blog post about it all coming your way soon!

I have been spending a lot (A LOT) of time putting together labels for the majority of my classroom.
Clearly if things are labeled and neat looking the kids will behave perfectly, right? Right?!?
In the past year I have become a huge fan of Powerpoint. I know a lot of the western world has been using Powerpoint forever, 
but I live on an pseudo island stuck out of the east of U.S.-we get to things a little slower here!
Anyway- I wanted to make some labels.
And guess what I found out?
You can't make labels in Powerpoint!!
The horror!
And since Word and I got a divorce, what's a girl to do?
I met someone else!
Avery (the label people) have their own neat-o design tool with all the templates there for you!
Thanks Avery- I think your cute too!
And you can insert your own clipart.
The only downside is you are stuck with their fonts, but some they are cool enough.
Way better than Words!
Head here to check it out!
And here's what I made.
bad lighting sorry!

I also made some fun folder covers that I am a little in love with!
Note to self- never take pictures on ugly upstairs rug again!
I was really happy with the way these turned out. So happy that I decided to shirk all my household responsibilities for the night and turn them into an editable product for you! That pile of bills that's been mocking me for days (ok, maybe weeks) can wait. You guys need cheery folder covers NOW!
They come in 6 fun and bright colors.
Check out my TPT store to scoop 'em up!
First three commenters get them for free!
Don't forget to leave me your email.

And since I'm sure you are all visual learners here's a little sneak peek 
at how my room is coming along!
I promise a full on classroom tour soon too!
I hope I'm not writing checks my bum can't cash!
My Smart Cookies Board!
This is by Molly at Lucky to Be in First.
It's an awesome math fact resource.
Go here to check it out!!

Kids file boxes for folders, notebooks, etc...

Terrible picture of table bins. 

Lonely looking CAFE menu. Need some kids to learn stuff to fill it up!
Got those cute rectangle signs from Christina Bainbridge's store.
My nook sans desk.

Hope everyone holds up ok on their first days back (although I know some of you have hit your groove already!)


  1. Would love a set of the editable binder covers!! They are solo cute!!!

  2. Love these folders! My 6th graders will feel chic!

  3. It wasn't letting me finish! :) I was saying "Me Me me!!" I'm excited to be #3!!"

    1. Hey There!
      This email isn't working for me!
      I'd love to get these to you! Please email me at

  4. Much cuteness! :) I also use tables instead of desks, which I have LOVED for a long time. No more SHOVE! And they have to share stuff. My kiddies keep their unfinished work in chair pockets, which I also love because it's very easy for me to see whose unfinished work is piling up. There's a video on my blog that shows a little about my table setup if you are interested, though it looks like you have things well under control! :D Best of luck, we start when you do too!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  5. Welcome back. You've been busy. I completely agree that the cuter your room is and the more organized you are, the better your year will be. So you should be just fine!

    1. Thanks so much Gary! I have few plans so hopefully we will ride the cuteness wave!

  6. I have also divorced Word...can't even bring myself to use it...except for labels. So glad you posted about another way to make them! Enjoy your last few days!
    Two Friends In First


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