A Linky Pah-tay Kind of Day!

Hi Pals!

Excuse the over linkage. If you want to run away now I understand. 
But, if you stick around they'll be a freebie!
I promise with back to school I'll be coming at you with some meaty posts. 
It's been all fluffernutter around here. 
I swear I have a harder time finding time in the summer than during the school year.

I am first linking up to celebrate the amazing
over at Teachers Pay Teachers
If you are anything like me you have been loading up that wishlist all summer long with some great teaching goodness. Nows the time to head back to the wishlist and make some hard decisions.

Can I give you a little tip?
Buy the more expensive items on the first day.
Provide the sellers with awesome feedback.
Earn credits.
Use the credits on the second day along with the percentage off.
I didn't come up with this idea! I read it from my good friend Molly at Lucky to be in First.

So in this linky I am showing you my two most wish listed items from my TPT Store and the one item in my wishlist that I am for sure getting!

I am so proud and excited that my two most wishlisted items are ones
I worked on very hard this summer!

Phonics Printables provides loads of short vowel practice. 
There are 5 practice pages for each vowel plus 5 extra pages of mixed practice.
First graders always need phonics practice!!

Math Workshop September
I know you are all working hard on getting things ready for your class to arrive.
Math Workshop September will provide you with 10 Print & Go Activities for your class.
This product will go from you computer to your class' hands in no time!
Print, add dice/cards/manipulatives, maybe stick them in a page protector and you are ready to go!
Pop over here to check them out!
Math Workshop October will be coming soon too!

And now for my must get item...well, there is some great clipart that I am going to scoop up for sure.
But something teachery that I am going to be using in my class is by
Sarah at A Sunny Day in First Grade
She made some awesome crafts and activities to go with the book Elmer.
I love doing color words at the beginning of the year!
The kids will also have the opportunity to learn about being different which is so important to hammer home right from the start.
Head to her TPT store to check it out!

And look at this super cute craft she did to go with it!

I also really like Sarah's "Write Back to School" writing and crafts.
They are here!

And if your still with me here's some more linky-ness.
I'm going to and provide you with a Freebie on the Fifteenth.
This is from an old post, but it was when I was a baby baby blogger.
I'm like a toddler now.

This was posted last Spring and was my first product ever in my TPT store.
It's free too!!

Do your kids get all mixed up with the vocabulary in math? Mine sure do...especially when we talk about addition and subtraction. It can be so very very confusing for them. I always find a little song can be the trick for helping some students to "get it". We are always trying to reach out to those multiple intelligences! So I created two songs or as I like to call them "Witty Little Ditties" to help my students learn these vocabulary words that trip them up so much. These songs focus on the vocabulary involved in addition and subtraction. I hope to make more songs to help us in our math vocab too!

This is also exciting because it is the first thing I've ever posted in Teachers Pay Teachers. I have moved from long time buyer to first time seller. I'm a bit giddy with excitement (or as giddy as one can be at 10:57 p.m.). Enjoy this free little song!

Click Here to get your freebie!

Thanks for hanging in there!


  1. I love Elmer! What a great project.

  2. You just made my day! :) Elmer is my favorite, favorite back to school book!

    Your units look awesome!! I have your September Math Workshop on my wishlist! And I love your addition song!!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  3. What's your third most wishlisted item? I already own both of those fabulous products!! Elmer is adorable! Can't wait to sing that cute song with my kiddos!!

    Lucky to Be in First


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