Hi Folks!
Sorry I've ben a little absent from my tiny corner of the web. We were away and while we've been home for a few days I think my brain was still on vacation! Time to get down to it though...I go back to school for teacher meetings/classroom set up on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we have a four day weekend (thank goodness) before the kids start the Tuesday after Labor Day. As always I'm a little happy and a little sad. My own children really need some routine back in their lives, but I could use a few more lazy mornings and eating lunch/using the bathroom whenever I want. I'm tired just thinking about how tired I will be that first week!
I've seen this funniness around Instagram the last few days.
Funny, but scarily true!

Our district gives us a day to set up, but as I'm sure is the same with many of you a day just isn't enough time! I've been to my room about four times this month working through closets and shelves like it's my job. That's funny because it really is my job. There is a big change for me this year. 
I went to tables instead of desks...HALLELUJAH! 
I've been wanting to do this for years! But with the tables comes a lot of reorganization. I also got rid of my teachers desk....
CAN I GET AN AMEN?!? And more reorganization!
There is a lot to share with these changes.
Hopefully once I start working in this newish space it will be all sunshine and rainbows and good news.
They'll be a witty and enticing blog post about it all coming your way soon!

I have been spending a lot (A LOT) of time putting together labels for the majority of my classroom.
Clearly if things are labeled and neat looking the kids will behave perfectly, right? Right?!?
In the past year I have become a huge fan of Powerpoint. I know a lot of the western world has been using Powerpoint forever, 
but I live on an pseudo island stuck out of the east of U.S.-we get to things a little slower here!
Anyway- I wanted to make some labels.
And guess what I found out?
You can't make labels in Powerpoint!!
The horror!
And since Word and I got a divorce, what's a girl to do?
I met someone else!
Avery (the label people) have their own neat-o design tool with all the templates there for you!
Thanks Avery- I think your cute too!
And you can insert your own clipart.
The only downside is you are stuck with their fonts, but some they are cool enough.
Way better than Words!
Head here to check it out!
And here's what I made.
bad lighting sorry!

I also made some fun folder covers that I am a little in love with!
Note to self- never take pictures on ugly upstairs rug again!
I was really happy with the way these turned out. So happy that I decided to shirk all my household responsibilities for the night and turn them into an editable product for you! That pile of bills that's been mocking me for days (ok, maybe weeks) can wait. You guys need cheery folder covers NOW!
They come in 6 fun and bright colors.
Check out my TPT store to scoop 'em up!
First three commenters get them for free!
Don't forget to leave me your email.

And since I'm sure you are all visual learners here's a little sneak peek 
at how my room is coming along!
I promise a full on classroom tour soon too!
I hope I'm not writing checks my bum can't cash!
My Smart Cookies Board!
This is by Molly at Lucky to Be in First.
It's an awesome math fact resource.
Go here to check it out!!

Kids file boxes for folders, notebooks, etc...

Terrible picture of table bins. 

Lonely looking CAFE menu. Need some kids to learn stuff to fill it up!
Got those cute rectangle signs from Christina Bainbridge's store.
My nook sans desk.

Hope everyone holds up ok on their first days back (although I know some of you have hit your groove already!)

Only one Friday left in my summer. Weep Weep!
Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

It's time my friends!
Graphic made by Kayla at Primary Junction

The big 'ole Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale.
Look at your cart.
Make some decisions! 
Grab all the TPT goodness you can!
I am continually so impressed by all the amazing bloggers/TPTers out there who create such incredibly awesome stuff!

One thing that is for sure on my list is by my bestie Molly at Lucky to Be in First.
She just created an awesome new and exciting way to practice and drive home math facts.
I am so excited to use this in my classroom this year!
Molly has included tests, bulletin boards, trackers for students and more.
Even better- she is developing an app to go right along with it!
Read more about "Smart Cookie Math" on Lucky to be in First here.
Then head to Molly's TPT store to scoop it up!

You can read more about other things I've wishlisted here.

Adventures of Ms. Smith and Covered in Glitter and Glue put together a really fun blogger exchange. 
My package came just yesterday! Hooray!
Isn't fun mail just the best? 

Anna over at Gluesticks-n-Giggles hooked me up!
Check out this super cute loot and the awesome box it came in!

I got so much good stuff! 
a frame * colorful pens * notecards * a zipper pouch * magazine files (which I totally needed)
Anna also sent me the most adorable little note! 
Thanks so much Anna! I love it all!
Be sure to head to Anna's blog and read about her Kindergarten Conremplations!

The Back to School Bicoastal Bonanza 
is still going on!

You still have time to enter to win awesome products from loads of amazing bloggers!
It ends Saturday night!

In unrelated news we are heading off on a little family adventure next week 
so I'll be away from this space. 
Please don't forget about me! 
If I was on top of my game I would have scheduled guest bloggers, but I'm not! 
This was a bit last minute. 
But, I'm looking forward to having some fun with my kidlets here.

It's Christmas everyday here!
What could be better?
Check back soon for a classroom tour and some back to school fun!
As I write that one tear streams down my cheek as another summer just whizzed right by!

Hi Pals!

Excuse the over linkage. If you want to run away now I understand. 
But, if you stick around they'll be a freebie!
I promise with back to school I'll be coming at you with some meaty posts. 
It's been all fluffernutter around here. 
I swear I have a harder time finding time in the summer than during the school year.

I am first linking up to celebrate the amazing
over at Teachers Pay Teachers
If you are anything like me you have been loading up that wishlist all summer long with some great teaching goodness. Nows the time to head back to the wishlist and make some hard decisions.

Can I give you a little tip?
Buy the more expensive items on the first day.
Provide the sellers with awesome feedback.
Earn credits.
Use the credits on the second day along with the percentage off.
I didn't come up with this idea! I read it from my good friend Molly at Lucky to be in First.

So in this linky I am showing you my two most wish listed items from my TPT Store and the one item in my wishlist that I am for sure getting!

I am so proud and excited that my two most wishlisted items are ones
I worked on very hard this summer!

Phonics Printables provides loads of short vowel practice. 
There are 5 practice pages for each vowel plus 5 extra pages of mixed practice.
First graders always need phonics practice!!

Math Workshop September
I know you are all working hard on getting things ready for your class to arrive.
Math Workshop September will provide you with 10 Print & Go Activities for your class.
This product will go from you computer to your class' hands in no time!
Print, add dice/cards/manipulatives, maybe stick them in a page protector and you are ready to go!
Pop over here to check them out!
Math Workshop October will be coming soon too!

And now for my must get item...well, there is some great clipart that I am going to scoop up for sure.
But something teachery that I am going to be using in my class is by
Sarah at A Sunny Day in First Grade
She made some awesome crafts and activities to go with the book Elmer.
I love doing color words at the beginning of the year!
The kids will also have the opportunity to learn about being different which is so important to hammer home right from the start.
Head to her TPT store to check it out!

And look at this super cute craft she did to go with it!

I also really like Sarah's "Write Back to School" writing and crafts.
They are here!

And if your still with me here's some more linky-ness.
I'm going to and provide you with a Freebie on the Fifteenth.
This is from an old post, but it was when I was a baby baby blogger.
I'm like a toddler now.

This was posted last Spring and was my first product ever in my TPT store.
It's free too!!

Do your kids get all mixed up with the vocabulary in math? Mine sure do...especially when we talk about addition and subtraction. It can be so very very confusing for them. I always find a little song can be the trick for helping some students to "get it". We are always trying to reach out to those multiple intelligences! So I created two songs or as I like to call them "Witty Little Ditties" to help my students learn these vocabulary words that trip them up so much. These songs focus on the vocabulary involved in addition and subtraction. I hope to make more songs to help us in our math vocab too!

This is also exciting because it is the first thing I've ever posted in Teachers Pay Teachers. I have moved from long time buyer to first time seller. I'm a bit giddy with excitement (or as giddy as one can be at 10:57 p.m.). Enjoy this free little song!

Click Here to get your freebie!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Howdy Partners!
I am off to the water park today. Yipee!
The kids don't know where we are going so I'm sure they will be so excited.
This water park had "Grownups" and "The Way Way Back" filmed at it.
Just a little useless trivia for everyone to start their day!

This weekend is the last SUMMER STEAL!

I feel this is cause for some summer steal celebration!
The products I created in June, July and August will be on sale for ONE DOLLAR!

So in my TPT Shop you will find the following products on sale for ONE BUCK-A-ROO!
Here are the products heading to Dollartown...

We all know how important setting up all the behavior routines at the start of school is!
These behavior charts are an awesome way to get the kids engaged and excited right out of the gate.
Step One- Post the main page
Step Two- Cut out the cute things on the second page
Step Three- Your kids have tons of awesome behavior because you are a great teacher!
Step Four- Fill up the Behavior Charts and earn class rewards!
Head here to check these out!

Meet Mr. Carmine the Equal Sign!
Carmine is looking for a new home in your classroom.
My kiddos have such a hard time understand how the equal sign really works.
It's a tricky thing, isn't it?
Well Carmine is here to help!
This product include a class book, a half page practice book, mini math practice, 
a memory game and more. 
Pop over here to check out Carmine!

Phonics Printables provides loads of short vowel practice. 
There are 5 practice pages for each vowel plus 5 extra pages of mixed practice.
First graders always need phonics practice!!

Math Workshop September
I know you are all working hard on getting things ready for your class to arrive.
Math Workshop September will provide you with 10 Print & Go Activities for your class.
This product will go from you computer to your class' hands in no time!
Print, add dice/cards/manipulatives, maybe stick them in a page protector and you are ready to go!
Pop over here to check them out!

Don't forget there is a great giveaway going on this week hosted by myself and Lucky to Be in First!
23 amazing Back to School products!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Hello Everybody!

August is here and Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching is back with the always fun

So it has been a pretty awesome summer- aren't they all really?
We've have lots of fun here on the Cape 
eating ice cream, going to the beach, camping, boating and more!
One of the highlights of my summer is that I got to meet my 
blogging best pal Molly of Lucky to Be in First.
Her blog is great so please check it out if you haven't!
We were so happy to meet each other that we decided to host an awesome giveaway together!
Since Molly lives in California and I live in Massachusetts we decided to host the.....

A whole bunch of amazing bloggers from coast to coast donated some great items to get you ready for the new school year. A BIG THANKS to all our wonderful donaters!

Molly worked very hard all summer on her BAT Book!
This is an amazing resource for primary teachers.
It's a workbook for students to keep in their desk and pull out for those "I'm Done" moments.
We know those moments happen ALL the time.
Now they have a go to activity to just grab out and get to work.
It's adorable, fun and Common Core aligned!

I am donating two items to the giveaway- Phonics Printables and Math Workshop September.

Phonics Printables are an excellent resource for all the necessary practice kids 
need with their phonics skills. These activities provide great practice in a fun and engaging way.
You can read a bit more about them and grab a couple freebies here.
You can use them for morning work, homework, small group practice, center work and more!

 Math Workshop September provides you with 10 Print and Go Math Activities for your stations, centers, jobs...whatever you like to call them. No cutting or laminating here!
Add some dice, cards and manipulatives and you'll have these up and running in no time.
Head here to read a bit more about these and snatch up a freebie too.
And don't fret Math Workshop October is in the works!

And now onto the wonderful products donated by all these fabulous bloggers.

This giveaway runs until Friday, August 16. Good Luck!

I did a little back to school shopping last weekend!
Then I dropped everything off at school and took no pictures.
I will be heading off to school a few days next week to set up and I will be sure to take lots of pictures.
Sit tight for a classroom tour in the future!

Anyone watching Under the Dome?
I don't necessarily love it, but it's keeping me entertained while 
all my other shows are gone for the summer. 

We have a tax free holiday here in Massachusetts this weekend. 
I am 99.9% sure I will be getting a new friend. 
I am so excited!
I've been planning and saving for a new computer all summer!
Yahoo....no more sharing with my husband. 
Sharing is hard even when you are a grown-up.

I was super excited last weekend when I opened my email and saw this...

That's my freebie in the Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter!
It was like 15 minutes of fame!
Thanks TPT!

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