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The Teacher's Chair is hosting a cute linky this week.

I know it's Tuesday. But, I'm hooking you up anyway! Monday didn't happen for me. Sorry!
 Many of you are heading back to school in the next days/weeks.
 Not so much me, but my brain never stops thinking about school!
 I have until the end of August. Yay! 
But, I feel "it" looming in the distance and I hope to be on top of my game this year! 
Isn't that the goal every year?
So I squeezed in the chance to spend a few minutes with this cutie today 
while my cuties were playing in the yard. 
Excuse the pics- I had to use my phone because I was going so quick!

Aren't those some fun colored pens?!? I love them, but I have a bit of an issue writing in pen. 
I only put it in pen if it's really not going to change. 
I don't like things being crossed out if a meeting changes or a plan gets switched.
So for me...pencil all the way.

This won't rotate. Ergh! 
One thing I don't like about this planner is how you have to write the numbers in yourself. 
I like to have them all set up for me. Another thing that is just going to take some getting used to is that the week starts with Monday and puts Saturday and Sunday at the end of the week together. 
That confused me when I was writing all those silly numbers in. 
The circles were a little small for me too. 
These are minor minor issues though!
It's ok Erin, I forgive you.
Maybe she could make a version that has the numbers in already. I'd pay for that!

After the calendar page there are a few blank pages. 
I love these.
They are perfect for laying out your month in a big picture kind of way. 
As you can see I haven't written much yet (I still have a month, remember).
But, I'm starting to make a big picture plan for September.
You might notice I have Math Workshop in there. I just wrote a post about Math Workshop yesterday.
Those first 2-3 weeks will be all about getting those routines in place especially with 
Daily 5 and Math Workshop!
I'm planning to do a lot more theme work this year too! 
Do you do themes? Are they weekly? Are they monthly?
I've struggled with these a bit. A week never seems longs enough, 
but I feel like they are checked out after two weeks. 
Any tips are welcome!

So I've got a sneaky plan for this double sided folder page.
I'm going to put a piece of clear packing tape along the bottom to make a little hidden inside folder!
Tricky, huh!

 Then there is this cute zipper pouch, which I have now put my colorful pens! 
They send you a whole bunch of cutesy labels along with your planner.
Isn't that so sweet?
Thanks Erin!

On the last page is a calendar. I bought these adorable notepads that adhere over the calendar. 
I am always (always...always!) looking for a piece of paper to write a note here or there.
Now I will have my paper with me in my handy dandy planner all the time! 
The notepads come in packs of 2! So I'll have a spare at the ready. 

There are loads of weekly plan pages too, but I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment yet!

And here are the three cuties that played so nicely so I could take some pics.
Thanks guys!


  1. I never write in my calendar in pen either! I bring pens and pencils to meetings - I'm that crazy. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

    1. Glad we are crazy together!! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Sara and Deirdre, I am the same! I love the additional notepads that you got. I was contemplating those, but ended up passing. I still have to remind myself that the planner was a justifiable splurge.


  3. After much debate I ordered my EC planner a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to get it! I'm a pencil kind of girl when it comes to my planner too. I'm excited for the little zipper pouch..... I didn't know that was in it! Bonus!! :)

  4. I haven't ordered mine yet... but I think the blank calendars are for people like me. Who get the planner but may not even use it until the following year... I have a basic planner I bought from Target last month. I keep seeing EC teacher planner posts but I haven't made a commitment. I am holding back because I won't use the lesson planning pages, all my stuff is done digitally. But thanks for your post!:)
    Kinders on the Block

  5. I use pen on my calendar but always have a white-out roller for when things change. I just don't like using pencils...too smudgey. Your children are precious!
    First Grade Top Dogs

  6. Pencil all the way for me as well!

    I love Erin Condren's planners. I bought a life planner last year and while it was very helpful in organizing everything, I didn't look at it nearly as much as I wanted or should have. I think next time I will just be ordering the calendar/notebook combination.

    Enjoy your planner!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!


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