Internet Issues

Hi there to my hopefully still faithful followers!

I have been incredibly absent from this blog because I was having serious internet connectivity issues. It's like that old nursery rhyme "When it's good it very very good and when it's bad it's awful". 
After lots of trouble shooting we figured out it was the wireless router that had gone ka-put! 
So now we have a fancy new router to the tune of $160. 
This happened on our anniversary so Happy Anniversary to Me! 

In other news I've also been down and out with some summer cold thing- off and on fever and chills and raging headache. Yuck!

I hope to be back tomorrow with all sorts of wittiness. 
Gotta organize all my pins for 
Cara's Favorite Pins Friday.

Since this blog post was blander than bland be sure to head to Anne's Blog for an awesome giveaway!

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  1. It wasn't completely without info - I learned I could be getting the flu soon :) Ha! Thanks for spending part of your anniversary with me!


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