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I am reaching out to you all from the depths of this summer flu to bring you some favorite pins from the last week or so. Whatever this is has knocked me on my buns! I've spent the better part of today is a state of semi consiousness. I feel like getting sick when you are older is way harder to bounce back from than when you were a kid. Ahhh the good 'ole days.

Hmmm- Don't see that Cara is having Favorite Pins Friday this week. But enjoy my pins anyway!

Do you use Pandora? I do and I love it! We just upgraded to Pandora One and now I can skip past as many songs as I want. This site has a whole bunch of great Pandora stations especially for working out. I'm not so great at the whole working out thing, but when I do become fabulous at it I'll be sure to plug in these stations. 

Remember Jello pudding pops?
I still have cravings for them to this day. As far as I know they don't make them anymore.
But man, they were delicious!
Check our this blog post to see how to make these yummy treats.
Guess who has Oreos on her grocery list?

Ever see a product on TPT or TN or Pinterest or wherevs and think "I love that font!"
Then you have no idea how to figure out what the font is. 
I have been there and done that a million times. 
Rachel at The Tatooed Teacher has solved this problem for us!
Check our her post to learn more about how to figure this nifty trick out.

I am so lucky that I still have another month of vacation!
Although my Insta-friends are making me so nervous with their classroom set-up.
I have to remember they got out a month earlier than me. Relax. Enjoy the next few weeks.
Although- Where did July go? Seriously!
Why can't January go by that fast?
But let's segway to some teachery stuff.

I love this Back to School Lapbook. I don't think the little tiny September first graders could handle it, but maybe some of you out there with the bigger kids would like it! 
Oh September first graders- I'm tired just thinking about it. 

These super cute editable labels are by A Day in First Grade.
I think they are just the cutest!
Those Melonheadz kids get me everytime!

Katie from Teacher to the Core has created these awesome shout outs you can send home with a few kids in your class each day! What a great idea! 
So often I think- 
"I should call their parents or send them a note because they are doing great in this and that"
These note are perfect to celebrate kids. I'd love to add this to our end of the day routine. 
Those last 5 minute when they are all packed up waiting around- perfect for shout outs!
I've wishlisted these for sure!
I also love Katie's American Heroes unit!

I love this Lego math game from Mrs. Patton.
So simple yet so genius!
I can see this as a year round hit.

This last pin is by yours truly. {shameless plug}
As I start to mentally prepare for next year I am for sure going to get my behavior charts ready to 
These are so simple!
You place the full sheet in a noticable spot in your room.
When the kids do a great job you add one of the small picture.
Then you do a whole class reward when the chart is full.
I usually add a pic when they line up quietly, transition quietly, go to the rug quietly....are basically quiet in general.
There are ten seasonal pics and ten generic pics.
Some examples are adding boats to the sea, adding bunnies to the Easter basket, adding planes to a sky scene, etc, etc!

So today I am also guest blogging over at my blogging bff Molly's blog- Lucky to be in First.

I was LUCKY enough this week to meet up with Molly twice during her east coast travels.
Thanks Molly- I snagged this pic from your blog because I'm too lazy to go get my phone. Hehe!
She is fabulous in real life. I totally wish we worked together!


  1. Deirdre,

    I am also a big fan of MelonHeadz! They are adorable images and brighten any document they're on. I bought a few image packages recently and I can't wait to start using them on my own products!

    The Write Combo

    1. They are super cure Kristen! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Love all your pins, and really hope you get to feeling better soon! I swear being sick in the summer is so much worse than any other time of the year. :( And now I'm tired thinking about beginning of year first graders..wow, we really get spoiled by May, don't we? :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Kelly
      I worked with a woman who said we only come back in the fall because we remember what they were like in the spring!

  3. Those are great pins! I'm going to definitely keep in mind the one about the fonts! And, Jello pudding pops?! Yum! I can't even say it without thinking of Bill Cosby!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  4. Love these pins! So sorry you are sick. It seems worse in summer, too. :( I am going to check out that Lego game now, and I love your behavior charts! :)
    Feel better!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  5. Thanks for the music tip. Next time we hangout, we should listen to workout music, while eating our homemade pudding pops! My gosh those were delightful! Maybe we can start a Jell-O letter writing campaign to resurrect them - it worked for twinkies and those are disgusting! Perhaps this should be the culmination of our Pen Pal project. Just a thought!

    Lucky to Be in First

  6. So glad you like the lego game! :) And it looks like you had a great time with your blogging buddy!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch


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