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I am linking up today with Ashley from Just Reed for her 10 pin linky. I love pinterest. I just wish I had about 10 extra hours per day and 4-5 days more per week to do all the cute stuff I see. You can follow me on pinterest by clicking that cute little P to your right. Go ahead. Do it....Ok...now that you've done that we can move on.

This is supposed to be all about reading, but you may see a smattering of writing in here too.

I love this writing menu as a spot for kids to go to whenever they say the dreaded "I'm Done".
It's a great visual for them to see the options to keep those little brains and fingers busy. 

I am for sure adding this to my summer to do list! 
I am really going to be focusing on using mentor texts this year and using close reading. 
I think this would be perfect for us as we dig deep into our class read alouds.

Do you Phonics Dance? You should!
I started it around January after reading about it here and there on the interwebs.
It is awesome. The best part is use can use it with any "program" you may have to be doing in your classroom. Basically it is a series of chants and movements you use everyday to create a strong phonics foundation. I am excited to use it this year from the get go.
Check out this post for more info too.

Aren't these folders adorable? I'll be making a few of these this summer too. 

Power Towers
Kids love Power Towers. I have used them for math for awhile, but I see a sight words set in my future. Basically, write the words on the cup, read them, make a tower!
I've seen these on lots of blogs and such.

Book Studies
Book studies are the bomb. Kids really connect with a book when you spend time on it. Simple!
I feel like book studies make me a better and more focused teacher too. 
There are loads of great book studies out there. My fave is Stellaluna by Reagan Tunstall
Shameless plug....
I have made two book studies too! There are several more in the works. 
They are 

Ok Mel D. of Seusstastic doesn't call it Moose (but maybe she should). Just pop posicles stick in old crystal light containers. Mark one stick as MOOSE. Have kids pull and read one at a time. Once MOOSE is pulled- game over, start again. The love for this game is crazy.
Mel D. put her sticks in old Crystal Light containers. Genius!
I'll show you my cute containers someday. They are at school which I refuse to visit until August.

Also on the to do list!! Do your kids have a hard time knowing what a sentence is. 
I. Get. alot of. Students who write. LikE THIS. eRGH! 
I think this will help guide their understanding of what makes a sentence and also about adding some detail to sentences.

How cool is this?
This table I believe was covered in butcher paper, but I have also see pins of them covered in showered board to use as a dry erase. So cool! Then the kids have their workspace right there. No handing out of wipe boards, markers, erasers, etc.


These punctuation people are great for getting that tricky punctuation skill down!

On a sidenote I'm watching a little documentary on Woodstock. Yeah man! I sometimes think I was born in the wrong decade. I would have loved to go to Woodstock. 


  1. I mostly use Power Towers for math too, but when I was teaching Grade 2 I had a word wall one. I also do holiday themed words. I love that making words folder - what a great way to keep that activity all together in one place without taking up too much room!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. Great pins! I am pinning this post to remember it for the future. I just found your blog through the Liebster Award and look forward to reading more posts.

    Compassionate Teacher


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