The Teacher's Chair is hosting a cute linky this week.

I know it's Tuesday. But, I'm hooking you up anyway! Monday didn't happen for me. Sorry!
 Many of you are heading back to school in the next days/weeks.
 Not so much me, but my brain never stops thinking about school!
 I have until the end of August. Yay! 
But, I feel "it" looming in the distance and I hope to be on top of my game this year! 
Isn't that the goal every year?
So I squeezed in the chance to spend a few minutes with this cutie today 
while my cuties were playing in the yard. 
Excuse the pics- I had to use my phone because I was going so quick!

Aren't those some fun colored pens?!? I love them, but I have a bit of an issue writing in pen. 
I only put it in pen if it's really not going to change. 
I don't like things being crossed out if a meeting changes or a plan gets switched.
So for me...pencil all the way.

This won't rotate. Ergh! 
One thing I don't like about this planner is how you have to write the numbers in yourself. 
I like to have them all set up for me. Another thing that is just going to take some getting used to is that the week starts with Monday and puts Saturday and Sunday at the end of the week together. 
That confused me when I was writing all those silly numbers in. 
The circles were a little small for me too. 
These are minor minor issues though!
It's ok Erin, I forgive you.
Maybe she could make a version that has the numbers in already. I'd pay for that!

After the calendar page there are a few blank pages. 
I love these.
They are perfect for laying out your month in a big picture kind of way. 
As you can see I haven't written much yet (I still have a month, remember).
But, I'm starting to make a big picture plan for September.
You might notice I have Math Workshop in there. I just wrote a post about Math Workshop yesterday.
Those first 2-3 weeks will be all about getting those routines in place especially with 
Daily 5 and Math Workshop!
I'm planning to do a lot more theme work this year too! 
Do you do themes? Are they weekly? Are they monthly?
I've struggled with these a bit. A week never seems longs enough, 
but I feel like they are checked out after two weeks. 
Any tips are welcome!

So I've got a sneaky plan for this double sided folder page.
I'm going to put a piece of clear packing tape along the bottom to make a little hidden inside folder!
Tricky, huh!

 Then there is this cute zipper pouch, which I have now put my colorful pens! 
They send you a whole bunch of cutesy labels along with your planner.
Isn't that so sweet?
Thanks Erin!

On the last page is a calendar. I bought these adorable notepads that adhere over the calendar. 
I am always (always...always!) looking for a piece of paper to write a note here or there.
Now I will have my paper with me in my handy dandy planner all the time! 
The notepads come in packs of 2! So I'll have a spare at the ready. 

There are loads of weekly plan pages too, but I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment yet!

And here are the three cuties that played so nicely so I could take some pics.
Thanks guys!

Hi Everyone!
The summer illness has mostly left the building. 
Just a lingering sore throat, but feeling much better overall- Thanks for asking!
Thought I'd toss in a real non-linky blog post on this dreary New England day. 
I'll be coming at ya all next week with 5 days of posts from 
The Teacher's Chair School Week Linky.
If your a blogger check this out. Lots of great ideas! 

There is a freebie at the end of this long post so hold on tight!

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures, but I am not in my classroom to take pics. 

I wanted to spend a little time today on this little 'ole blog talking about Math Workshop.
I implemented Math Workshop midway through last year and did a lot of tweaking and twisting throughout the year to make it just so. 

In my eyes Math Workshop is a time where students have the opportunity to practice the math skills they have learned in class. At this time I can catch up with kids who need remediation or an extra challenge. I don't meet with every student, but the kids I see need a little something one way or the other. I may pull them to my table to work on something specific or visit them at whatever they chose to coach them along. 

We do anywhere from 1-3 rotations of Math Workshop each lasting about 15 minutes. Ever notice how much louder kids are during math? I don't know if it's because we do math after lunch/recess or they are just so excited about learning (wink). I digress.

I modeled Math Workshop loosely off of the premise of the Daily 5. 
My take is that students given choice about their learning will  be more invested in the process. 
My students have 4 areas to choose from

Fun with Numbers
Math Facts
Math with Technology 
Math Games

I picked these four areas because
1. They are easy for the kids to remember!
2. The titles are loose enough that I can put a variety of activities in the area 
and it will encompass everything. 
Such as "Fun with Numbers" can be money, time, addition, subtraction, odd/even and more! 

I have mentioned before I don't do pocket charts with names and rotations. We simply meet on the rug. I ask each students where they are going and off they go. It's not cute or fancy, but it works! And it's one less thing I have to keep up with. It also helps me see where kids interests lie. Or they'll mention they want to go back to a certain area because they liked a game or activity there. 

As we did Math Workshop last year and Math Centers the previous year I always got a little hung up on the preparation time of it all. There is only so much cutting and laminating a girl can do. I'd be cutting and stuffing baggies minutes before they were about to go to the area. 
This year I thought I'd help myself out a bit. 
I have spent many a naptime this month working on 

Print and Go Math Workshop (September)!

Just like the name says...
 You print these up, add some cards and/or dice, perhaps some counters and away you go! 
Included your kiddos will be working on
+1 and +0
Number Line
Odds and Evens
Number Recognition
Graphing with 3 different Johnny Appleseed pictures
Addition Games

There are 10 activities in all.
I also included a checklist where students can put a tally mark each time they complete an activity.
The students can go back to these over and over again throughout the month!
You set them up once at the beginning of the month and off they'll go.
This will free up so much of your time you won't know what to do with yourself. Hehehe!
Teachers...free time....never!

Go HERE  to check this easy peasy Math Workshop!
Hold the phone....These are ON SALE for $1.00 until Monday night! (7/29).
October, November and so on will be joining the ranks soon too!

In preparation for September (gulp) I have also made some Math Workshop signs for my classroom.
Last years were pitiful.
These will be so much better!
They are coming to you today for FREE!
Oh yeah, you heard that right...FREE!

I made them in full page and half page. 

If you grab these I'd love your feedback. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for hanging in there folks!


I am reaching out to you all from the depths of this summer flu to bring you some favorite pins from the last week or so. Whatever this is has knocked me on my buns! I've spent the better part of today is a state of semi consiousness. I feel like getting sick when you are older is way harder to bounce back from than when you were a kid. Ahhh the good 'ole days.

Hmmm- Don't see that Cara is having Favorite Pins Friday this week. But enjoy my pins anyway!

Do you use Pandora? I do and I love it! We just upgraded to Pandora One and now I can skip past as many songs as I want. This site has a whole bunch of great Pandora stations especially for working out. I'm not so great at the whole working out thing, but when I do become fabulous at it I'll be sure to plug in these stations. 

Remember Jello pudding pops?
I still have cravings for them to this day. As far as I know they don't make them anymore.
But man, they were delicious!
Check our this blog post to see how to make these yummy treats.
Guess who has Oreos on her grocery list?

Ever see a product on TPT or TN or Pinterest or wherevs and think "I love that font!"
Then you have no idea how to figure out what the font is. 
I have been there and done that a million times. 
Rachel at The Tatooed Teacher has solved this problem for us!
Check our her post to learn more about how to figure this nifty trick out.

I am so lucky that I still have another month of vacation!
Although my Insta-friends are making me so nervous with their classroom set-up.
I have to remember they got out a month earlier than me. Relax. Enjoy the next few weeks.
Although- Where did July go? Seriously!
Why can't January go by that fast?
But let's segway to some teachery stuff.

I love this Back to School Lapbook. I don't think the little tiny September first graders could handle it, but maybe some of you out there with the bigger kids would like it! 
Oh September first graders- I'm tired just thinking about it. 

These super cute editable labels are by A Day in First Grade.
I think they are just the cutest!
Those Melonheadz kids get me everytime!

Katie from Teacher to the Core has created these awesome shout outs you can send home with a few kids in your class each day! What a great idea! 
So often I think- 
"I should call their parents or send them a note because they are doing great in this and that"
These note are perfect to celebrate kids. I'd love to add this to our end of the day routine. 
Those last 5 minute when they are all packed up waiting around- perfect for shout outs!
I've wishlisted these for sure!
I also love Katie's American Heroes unit!

I love this Lego math game from Mrs. Patton.
So simple yet so genius!
I can see this as a year round hit.

This last pin is by yours truly. {shameless plug}
As I start to mentally prepare for next year I am for sure going to get my behavior charts ready to 
These are so simple!
You place the full sheet in a noticable spot in your room.
When the kids do a great job you add one of the small picture.
Then you do a whole class reward when the chart is full.
I usually add a pic when they line up quietly, transition quietly, go to the rug quietly....are basically quiet in general.
There are ten seasonal pics and ten generic pics.
Some examples are adding boats to the sea, adding bunnies to the Easter basket, adding planes to a sky scene, etc, etc!

So today I am also guest blogging over at my blogging bff Molly's blog- Lucky to be in First.

I was LUCKY enough this week to meet up with Molly twice during her east coast travels.
Thanks Molly- I snagged this pic from your blog because I'm too lazy to go get my phone. Hehe!
She is fabulous in real life. I totally wish we worked together!

Hi there to my hopefully still faithful followers!

I have been incredibly absent from this blog because I was having serious internet connectivity issues. It's like that old nursery rhyme "When it's good it very very good and when it's bad it's awful". 
After lots of trouble shooting we figured out it was the wireless router that had gone ka-put! 
So now we have a fancy new router to the tune of $160. 
This happened on our anniversary so Happy Anniversary to Me! 

In other news I've also been down and out with some summer cold thing- off and on fever and chills and raging headache. Yuck!

I hope to be back tomorrow with all sorts of wittiness. 
Gotta organize all my pins for 
Cara's Favorite Pins Friday.

Since this blog post was blander than bland be sure to head to Anne's Blog for an awesome giveaway!

Hey There!
I am a hot sticky mess here on Cape Cod and I am loving it. 
If you read yesterday's post you know I've been wanting some pool time. 
Lucky me- we are headed to a cool pool today. Yay! 
I don't like to be a brat but when you live near the beach sometimes 
you need a little break from the sand. 
I think my kids hair will have sand in it until at least November. 
In my car I am currently toting around about 1/4 of the Cape beaches. 

Today I am linking up for something fun and new Nick is doing over at his 
super cool blog Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason
He has started "Tunes Tuesday" where teachers can link up current (or not so current) songs and use those songs to teach grammar. Genius I tell you, genius!

I chose "We're Going To Be Friends" by The White Stripes.
I actually really love the Jack Johnson version.
My son listened to that cd going to sleep for ages and still requests it in the car and such.
It's a great album for kids and adults!

This song has some great rhymes in it that you and your students can pick out and highlight.
Don't highlighters make everything better?
I have created a freebie of the song for you to print off for your students.
Click here to check it out.

After you work together finding all the rhymes in this song you can share this ADORABLE video of the song with your class. You may even do the video before for a little background building. 

Ok! If you need me I'll be poolside.
Imagine me with a frosty umbrella drink.
But then know I'm really trying to keep 3 little ones safe- very relaxing!

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Hi There Amigos!

I am linking up today with my favorite blogger friend
Molly of Lucky to Be in First for her 
Fabulous Freebie on The Fifteenth Linky.

I try to be fabulous daily, but on the 15th I really rock it out,
 says the gal who is still in her jammies at 2:04p.m. 

So if you follow me on Instagram (which you should- press that cute little camera button to your right) you may have noticed I am really working on getting some phonics activities ready for my fall friends to arrive. I am a true believer in a good phonics foundation being a major key to unlocking reading and writing. Don't you find it crazy when you have an amazing reader who can't write at all? 
Problem = no phonics foundation! 
I always tell parents of early readers that it is still so important for those advanced readers to go through all the building blocks of phonics so there are no gaps in the foundation of both reading and writing. 
The lady will now step off her soap box.

Onto the freebie...
I created a fun "Read, Trace & Color" set for your students to 
read the words, trace them and then color.
This freebie is also great for working those fine motor skills that many of the little firsties are lacking in the early months (ooo...I'm tired just thinking about September).

Here's a peek at what it looks like. 
There is one page for each vowel.

Click Here to check it out in my TPT shop. 

Today is actually a double bonus freebie day because I have created 5 pages of printables for each vowel. Short a is totally free to you all.
You lucky ducks!

Click Here to check out the short a set.

If you think the short a set is something special then you are in for a treat because the whole 
Phonic Printables Short Vowels pack
is on sale for $1.00 through today (Monday, July 15)!!
This is usually priced at $5.50.
Go scoop that bad boy up.
My main focus for these printables is that kids can do them independently especially at the beginning of the year when the skill set isn't quite there yet.

Head here to check out this SUMMER STEAL!

In other news...I wish I had a pool- That is all!

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I am linking up with the one and only Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade 
for her Favorite Pins Linky Party.

Before I ever got the guts to be a blogger I pinned....I pinned a lot! 
My pinning has slowed down a bit lately but pinterest sure is my go to spot whenever 
I need to get the creative juices flowing!

Here are some of my recent pins that I am loving.

This is absolutely amazing! I want my husband to build one yesterday. 

I am in love with this braid. I wish I had 6 more arms to make this happen. 
I can do a french braid in my hair, but it is not nearly this good! 
If I was ever really really rich (like Jennifer Aniston- I'm watching Friends right now) I would have someone do my hair everyday. I am not so much a hair do-er.

We have a small room in our house that was a baby nursery, but since I don't have any little babies anymore it is going to become my office. My two little gals share a room now.
 Did you hear that? It's the choir of angels singing that I have my own space to make my own mess in.
Here are some things that are inspiring me to get my rear in gear.

I am loving the use of these clipboards. I'd go with something a little more lady-like, but I love this concept. plus it's easy to change it it's not working for you.

 How cool is the idea of slipcovering a boring old office chair? In the tutorial the woman does it in my style too- no pattern and a lot of staples!

This is such a fun sign. Might help me keep my head focused and in the game!

I have been thinking about this repurposed crib forever. We still have a crib up that needs to come down. I think I would love to do this. I can't decide if I should keep a kids art desk in my office space or not. My thinking is no matter what they are going to follow me in there so it may be nice to have a space for them to keep busy. 

This has been an awesome inspiration for me. 
I'd like to do a little something like this in the office and also in my girls' room. 

Lastly, I'd like to sum up my summer as this so far...or maybe all year.

I am still almost a month and a half out from heading back to school. That's not to stay I haven't bought some things at Target and Walmart. But, I haven't done much physically to get stuff going. Just a lot of mental preparation! 
I just keep telling myself I need to get the office together to get work done- that's double layered procrastination. 
But I have looked at these two cute apples units I am going to dive into in the fall!
I have them in my overflowing cart on TPT!
These are from Around the Kampfire

This goodness is from Just Wild About Teaching

Also I imagine many of you are getting ready for the fall too!
I have put together a little something that is great for practicing those short vowel sounds that we need to smoosh into our kids heads. 
I am a huge fan of phonics and really teaching kids how words work and come together. 
In my school we are moving away from Reading St. so I created some phonics printables to serve as independent practice for my kiddos. 
You can also use them for morning work, homework, intervention or small group work. 
There is a lot of detailed coloring involved as well which is great for working those fine motor skills!
I'm even thinking of letting my class use skinny markers or colored pencils...oooo...exciting!
There are five printables for each vowel and also a bonus set of mixed practice work. 
Here's a preview. 

Leave a comment to get PHONICS PRINTABLES for free!!
I will pick a winner tonight!
Be sure to leave your email. 
I used random number generator- Congrats to J.R. for winning the Phonics Printables!

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