Currently almost passed me by! I've been waiting impatiently for the end of the year, but somehow June 1 tiptoed passed me and I didn't even notice. Linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for the linky of the month.

I love the sound of the nighttime silence in my house. it is so very very good. My son has never been a good sleeper. Well, he sleeps's getting to sleep that is an event unto itself. Drinks and bathroom and light on and so on and so forth. It's a big sigh of relief when he settles. And then a cow could lay on him and he'd never know he sleeps so deeply.

I am loving this weather!! I think I mention weather in every blog post. But these warmer days are making me one happy chiquita!!

I am thinking my classroom is in some post apocalyptic movie (hopefully staring Brad- or better yet Channing Tatum). You all know this time of year- there are no "good" pencils. They have all been sharpened to a shadow of their former self. And an eraser? Forget it! That's finding a needle in a haystack. There are 3 markers that still work well...and they are all brown. A good glue stick is even harder to find than a pencil with an eraser. I've been letting them use glue bottles- that ain't pretty!! And the kids- well they have given up on you too...I am like a clown juggling fireballs with whistling Yankee Doodle trying to keep them engaged and attentive. Thank goodness for field trips and all the fun stuff we save til the end. I can't wait to clean every drawer and closet and get ready for a fresh start!!

Which leads to me wanting some alone time at home and school! I have a hard time getting stuff done anywhere. Someone is always on my heels! It's good to be loved though!

Therefore I need now...if not sooner. 12.5 days- I can do this....Just keep swimming.

And that vacation will include a good book- I am embarrassed to say I haven't read a real book since the Hunger Games over a year ago! Ack. And I love me some yummy drinks (Smirnoff Ice anyone?) and some good snack-age. I could care less about a meal- especially in the summer. Savory salty snacks followed by sweet desserts. Yum!! Time to go raid my frig!!


  1. Complete silence sounds wonderful! I do not get too much of that. And may I just say an AMEN to the salty followed by sweet snacks. I could live on snacks in the summer, now only if I could get my hubby on board so I do not have to cook dinners!

    1. Seriously!! Why do men always need a meal?

  2. I can totally sympathize with the enjoying silence. I have two boys who also take forever to settle. I can't wait to have a time when they will just go to sleep... will it ever happen, though? Then again, I don't want them to grow up, so I guess I'll just live with it! My classroom is a dump, too. Twelve days to finish it up, too! Have a great end of the year!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  3. Silence is golden! With 2 girls around the house, there's not much of it around! Hang in there at school! Hopefully you'll be able to read a good book and enjoy a snack real soon!


  4. I adore your blog (and the name of it!) So glad I found you via Currently! Your comments about getting your little one to sleep made me laugh. My baby is 6-weeks old, and I feel exactly the same way! It's a production to convince him to go to sleep! :)
    Enjoy the last few weeks of school and have an awesome vacation!!


  5. Hey girl,
    I love your blog. It is so cute and the name is so creative and adorable! How many days do you have left of school! From your currently post, it looks like you have 125 days left....goodness! I hope that is not true! Are you a year round school? I am going to follow you! Love your blog! Happy blogging!


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