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It's another linky kind of day! I have some real "look what we did in school" blog posts to share with everyone, but this linky is way more fun than school stuff. I am linking up with A Cupcake for the Teacher to share with you my Summer Bucket List. I love making lists! Although I will admit I am much better at making them than actually accomplishing everything on them.  I often get a bit overzealous and usually only get to about 50% of my list. I think I have 3 pretty good excuses though- they are 5, 3 and 1. I currently have two summer lists going on my phone. I love using the little notes section! I never those all those important brain nuggets in there.

Without further adieu...My Summer Bucket Lists

List 1- School Stuff
1. Organize the Daily 5 Better (is that even proper English?)
     This year was an awesome first year using the Daily 5. I jumped in using it feet first after reading the book one weekend in the fall. I was hooked. I loved it and I wanted to go for it. All things considered it was a great year using it, but I'd like improve some parts. Word Work was all but forgotten and neglected by my class come December. I'd like to plan out that area better and revolve materials there to keep it high interest!! In Writing I felt my kids wrote a lot. Way more than any other class in the past. But, I'm not to pleased with how well they wrote. I'd like them to have more choices of writing styles and better editors (the bane of my existence!).

2. Lose the Desk
     Buh- bye to my desk. I have been in my current classroom for 3 years. I may have sat at my desk once..maybe. It is a big giant space sucker and it is time for it to go. But, that means everything needs to come out of it which leads me to...

3. File Cabinet Organization
    With the onset of the Common Core and all the super duperness of TPT I find I use my "files" less and less. I keep most everything digitally and I am not using Mailbox worksheets from 1997 anymore. Most of my files can move to the Land of Recycling. Bye old friends!

4. Math Workshop Fixer Upper
     I also went to a Math Workshop model in my classroom this year. It went really well and the kids love it. but again it needa organization. I saw a great pinterest on making your Math Workshop stations the 4 areas of the Common Core. I'd like to come up with a variety of activities to use monthly withiin the common core. I also think I'll be trying out Hope King's math centers.

5. Lesson Plan Now!!
     I'd really like to get ahead of my lessons plans this summer. Get my thematic units rockin' and ready to go. This is a lofty goal, but it's been on the "to do" for ages. Fingers crossed for this summer!!

Now if you made it through all the work stuff here is my FUN LIST!!
* Camping with kids and husband
* Go to water park
* Take oldest mini golfing
* Go to Six Flags
* Go to Storyland (kid's amusement park)
* Visit grandparents
* Beach beach beach beach!!!
* Lots of ice cream trips
* Celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary, my youngest's 2nd birthday, my dad's 70th birthday & my parents 45th anniversary!!

Wish me luck on getting it all done! I think I'll have no problem on the FUN LIST. The work list may take a bit more get up and go! One of my friends at school and I have joked we need to get started the day after vacation starts.

I still have 17 more days so this list seems a bit far off, but those of you with your toes in the sand already- Enjoy!


  1. What an awesome list Deirdre! I will have to do this linky party! To-do list for tomorrow I guess haha!

  2. You have a packed summer!!!! I had my five year old make a summer bucket list more list but I LOVE the things he wants to do (except the last one)!. 1. Play with friends 2. Play with mom 3. Get Ice cream 4. Camp in the back yard 5. Catch a snake Make sure you do the FUN stuff on your list!
    Two Friends In First

  3. I had my desk removed part way before my 1st year of teaching and love not having it take up space! I have a small 3rd grade desk to hold my plan book, as well as a few things inside. I also have a tower of drawers to hold all of my office supplies. Have a great summer! :)

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  4. Hi Deirdre,
    I've got pretty much the same list, plus watching lots of football! My boys will be in a summer league. :)
    Enjoy your summer- let's hope we get some of our to-dos done!
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom


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