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Hi All!
Someday I am going to write a post that is not a linky pah-tay! I just can't seem to squeeze regular 'ole blog posts in between the linkage. The weeks just slip through my fingers. Anyone have any solutions for that I'll take 'em!

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1. I am linking up with Molly at Lucky to Be in First though my Five for Friday link...Crazy! Her blog is super adorbs! I love rainbows and my 11 year old black lab is named Molly so her little spot on the web makes me happy. Plus she has tons of super cute stuff! I am linking up to her Freebies on the Fifteenth (a few days late). '

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There are many lucky teachers out there who are days away from getting out of school. I have 24 more days. But whose counting? Me! My kids this year are a nice bunch, but I love summer as much as the next guy!!

So I've created a "Sun-Sational Summer Journal" to support my students as they enjoy the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. There are three calendars (June, July and August) chock a blocka full of activities to keep your kidlets connected to the amazing learning and knowledge you provided them with all year. I've also included a parent letter and recording sheets. I hope you will find this helpful! If you like it I'd love for you to pour a little feedback sugar into my TPT store. Muchos Gracias my friends!!

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2. We had a little fun with non-fiction this week. My best teaching neighbor ever, Stacy, has a bunch of old non fiction big books. They are very readable, if not a little easy at this point in the year. They read their story twice and wrote 3 facts about what they read. The best part was that there are plenty of books for each child so everyone has a different book. No wandering eyes in my room this week! They did awesome! And we can do this again and again because there are so many books. So go scour your schools "old school" non fiction big books.

It took a few shots to get these kids to hold their books up!

If you are just into teacher away now. It's all clothes and tv from here!

3. GAP is having a great online sale right now. 40% all their sale items. I've got a big cart going tonight. I am mostly excited about these pants. I've been waiting for them to go on sale for a month. I am generally pretty chilly so I think these will be great through the summer. They have a bunch of great colors! Only a few colors are on sale now. If you dislike these pants sorry I have tortured you with this info.

4. I am currently watching Grey's Anatomy. Does anyone else feel like it is time for this show to end? I have been committed for 9 years now and I'm one nuclear explosion away from quitting. I've just put in so much time that I can't walk away now. I hope Season 10 is the final season.

5. So You Think You Can Dance is Back!!
Yipee!! I just LOVE this show. I danced all growing up from age 7 through being a dance minor in college. Before I became a school teacher I tried to make it as a dance teacher. Sadly few dance teaching jobs are secure with health insurance. So I made the move to elementary school, but we still dance often in my classroom! I get a tiny fill each week when I teach the cutest little group of girls ages 3-5. But you know times are tough because I walk away from that class sore!! Ha! I must get back to doing something. I used to have amazing splits, could put my leg next to my ear, all sorts of cool tricks! Now I'm wiped after 45 minutes of skipping and jumping. Times have changed.
But I relive my youth with SYTYCD! It's awesome. The choreography is what really blows me away. Love it!

Happy Week-ending All!!


  1. I hear you with Grey's Anatomy. It has definitely had its ups and downs, but I can't give up on it either. Season 10 would be a good time for them to end it, before it gets too ridiculous! And I, too, danced for my entire childhood, and now, YIKES, I am so out of shape!


  2. Ah I love So You Think You Can Dance! I know what you mean too about the link ups... I feel like all I blog about now is with linky parties :) They are great!

    Have a good weekend and I hope the next 24 days go by quickly,
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  3. I agree about the linky parties. They're addictive and I tend to write wayyyyyyyy too much. I'm a new follower!

  4. Hahaha, I love clothes, and I sure do miss TV sometimes! We only have Netflix streaming so I watch shows and movies that are so last season;) I feel the same way about my class, love 'em, but I am ready for summer!!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  5. I so love me some Grey's but keep wondering what else can possibly blow up outside the doors of that hospital! It has to be the most dangerous place to go for medical care in all of TV land, lol! Maybe now that Meredith and McDreamy seem to be in a good place, it'll ride off into the sunset as SCANDAL takes over its Thursday night spot because O.M.G!!! Can't get enough of that one!

    A+ Firsties


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