Five for Friday...or Sunday...including My Purchases

It's Sunday... how did that happen? Funny thing I thought i'd be ahead of myself and start writing this post early in the week- which I did. But, I'm just finishing it now. Oh well....

So, are the school weeks getting longer or is it me? I still have 6 full weeks staring at me. I can't complain too much though- There are field trips, field day and special programs all mixed in to make it fly by.... And for those of you down to single digits....we still aren't speaking.

Here's this weeks randomness!

1. Phew!! Barely made it out alive from my TPT cart at the BIG SALE. There are some amazing teachers out there creating true awesome-ness!! Here's a peek at what I got....

Jeremie Tharp at Apples, Crayons and Caffenine has created some beautiful ELA assessments (that's an oxymoron, huh?) to enrich the common core. I got Part 4 since we are winding down, but I'm sure I will be snagging the others up this summer!

Click here to check out Jeremie's store.

2. I got an Ice Cream Number Match by The Camping Teacher. What an adorable way to practice an important skill!! Click her name to check it out! I had no luck uploading a graphic for this one.

3. I spent a small fortune on clip art. I shopped big time in Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah's shop. I am just loving her stuff!! Click Here to check out all her cuteness!

4. We have sprouts! I am not a super big science person. I do a lot of ELA and math with smatterings of science and social studies. Dare I say it, but I am actually looking forward to science curriculum from the Common Core. Maybe you already have them in your state, but we haven't had them approved yet here in Mass. But I digress, I do enjoy teaching plant life. It is so fun for the students to see the fruits of their labor. 

5. Happy Mother's Day from me and my three little cuties. 

I hope to make it back here before next Friday. We will see though! I have a fun freebie planned!


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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Your little ones are adorable! I love your banner-it's what made visit.Very glad to find you! I'm a new follower!


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