May snuck right up on my and it is time for Currently again. And away we go....

I can't wait to get tackling that summer bucket list! This is the first year I have no babies to bring to the beach. Everyone can walk and the littlest is starting to talk. Yay!

I am so wishing for a new computer! I want a mac all to myself that I don't have to share with my husband. Ha- and we wonder why our kids fight about sharing.

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Hope your day is sunny and warm!


  1. Your Bucket List sounds great! I understand how you feel about your Mac. I have a Mac :) We got it a little over a year ago to share and within a month or two I believe it was officially mine instead of ours :)

    1. Ha! My husband is a small business owner so he needs it for billing. But I hover over him and grab it as soon as I can at night!


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